[Better Late Than Never] Honne - "Warm On A Cold Night"

Better late than never is a series where we openly admit that we weren't first to find it but man are we happy that we did!

Better late than never to this warm and sexy blanket of sound from Honne...

NYC winter continues to point that chilly blustery finger at us, making all New Yorkers run for their pillow forts. Tis the season of grizzly bear instincts that safely guides me back to the girl cave. After a long day at work, my soul was seeking solace from this winter of our discontent. This is where it gets good kiddies (and yes, I'm quite adorable and productive in blanket burrito position). Happily curled up on my island, aka "the sofa", goblet of wine, iPad perched; I peeped a tweet from @nowness. Featured on Nowness was a video for the tune "All in the Value", the second single from London synth duo Honne Beautifully directed visuals by Geej Ower seasoned with dreamy R&B vocals, relatable, catchy lyrics like "I need you to really need me too 'cause it's all in the value" left me swooning and wanting more from this duo. The video documents the journey of emotions at the end of a relationship (let's face it, who is going to look away from that topic, we've all been there).

Another sip of red, along with my swaying sofa hips, I eagerly jumped right into their first single "Warm on a Cold Night" which definitely sealed the deal. Could I have wished for a more appropriate piece of new found sound to bless my ears in this 22 degree temperature? Doubt it. 

Super excited to hear more from them and will keep you posted on this delicious duo of eargasm. In the meantime, I'm sending a personal thank you to Honne for keeping me warm on a cold NYC night.