[Night Out] HONNE @ Bowery Ballroom (3/11/2016)

photo credit: Liz Morrison 

photo credit: Liz Morrison 

Oh hello there, HONNE fam! Nice to see you again. When last we met these huggable fellows they were keeping us warm on a cold cold night at the Mercury Lounge. Last night, however, Sprout and I witnessed them keep us sweaty on a semi chilly night in a sold out room that is more than double the size: my most favorite of spaces, the Bowery Ballroom. You can tell that they've been touring a good bit since November because they were a lot more at ease than previously witnessed. I guess once you conquer that first show crossing the pond it's hard to feel unstoppable.  

Amidst the collective booty shaking I was able to be reminded of how INCREDIBLY AWKWARD it is to accidentally make eye contact with a complete stranger while singing lyrics such as, "we could be getting frisky girl til 3 o'clock in the morning." I've joked previously about their music making me pregnant, but there's nothing like remembering what you're singing along to while making eye contact with a stranger and subsequently trying to visibly chuckle and glance away as quickly as possible. 

Near the end of their set the duo debuted their next single, "Someone Who Loves You", which they dedicated to [presumably] a fan named Ricardo who has apparently been having a rough go at it. The single, which prominently featured their fierce backup singer, is expected to be available for the rest of the world to hear in the coming weeks. 

I had a nice #rockmom moment during their final number, "All In The Value", when James went to perform his *ahem* HONNE-SOLO (sorry) which prompted an eruption of excited lady screams as he wailed on his guitar. Definitely not the same band I saw less than 6 months ago, that's for sure. 

Check out the photos Sprout snapped from last night below. The band has a handful of sold out shows left in North America, so hopefully you'll be at one of them. 

Get acquainted with the fellas if you haven't already courtesy of their latest EP.