[SONG OF THE DAY] Sego - "Shame"


You guys Sego is releasing another album and it’s during birthday month and I’m trying my best to maintain some level of chill but let’s be real that’s not fucking happening. lolololol

After stringing us along for a little over a year with tracks like, “Whatever Forever”, “Sucker/Saint”, “Cigarette Kids”, and “Be Alone”, the band has released the lead single, “Shame” from their forthcoming album, Sego Sucks, which drops on April 5th.

Sego Sucks?


Apparently the name comes from a hashtag that someone started not too long after the band was formed. lmao. One listen of “Shame” and you’ll get how omg totes hilar the thought of anyone ever saying that this band sucks.

Alongside the album announcement and single release the band also released a video for the song where you’ll notice that in their downtime that they’ve also upgraded to a four-piece, adding bassist Alyssa Davey and guitarist/keyboardist Brandon McBride.

Also #realtalk: get you a man who looks at you the way drummer Thomas Carroll looks at singer Spencer Peterson. Like please look at the thumbnail on this video! My heart is so full.

Happy Saturday 💖

Tour Dates:

2/8: Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex (Love You Down w. Warpaint)

3/13-3/16: Austin, TX @ SXSW

4/5: Provo, UT @ Velour (release show)