[SONG OF THE DAY] Royal Teeth - "Show You What I Can Do"

Royal Teeth 2019

Today synth rockers Royal Teeth unveil their dopest flex to date, “Show You What I Can Do” along with the accompanying video. If we’re to interpret the the momentum that we’re seeing from the band, I feel like we all need to brace ourselves for what they’ll release next. Last year the band released tracks, “Never Gonna Quit” and “It’s Just The Start”, which build from determined to reassuring. This new track is explosively assertive and has the chops to back up that the band clearly has some tricks up their sleeves that they haven’t shared with us yet. The track also features the sensational NPR darling and Flint-native Tunde Olaniran, who brings his signature flavor to the song. 

Speaking on the track, singer and guitarist Gary Larsen of Royal Teeth shared, "The song is about showing the world what you're made of. We tend to hide pieces of ourselves because we are afraid of negativity, and I've noticed from my own experiences that it only holds me back from truly being myself and achieving my goals in life. This song is saying that it's time to be brave and be yourself."

The aforementioned accompanying video itself is reflective of the band’s current energy. With singer Nora Patterson staring as an aspiring race car driver and bandmates cheering her every step of the way, Patterson trains in her “Underdog” car before *spoiler alert* crushing her competition.

Larsen added, "My Dad is a race car driver and I used to go a lot as a kid. When we started thinking of ideas for the music video, I became obsessed with using the race track as the location, and from there, we brought the idea to life with the help of Solar Cabin, Tunde Olaniran, and the Whitlow family. My dad is even in the video as Nora's coach, and Nora is driving his car "Underdog". A fitting name for the song and for this band."


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