welp, found the soundtrack to this Monday and maybe the rest of my LIFE at this rate.

Danish producer HEDEGAARD has taken a sharp turn from the sugary sweet vibe of his late 2018 single, “Back To You” with the moody Matt Hawk collab, “Sa-My-D”. The punchy deep bass track is a return to more sweaty club jams that one might find themselves grinding to in underground basement clubs than his more pop-forward EDM as seen on other tracks from last year like, “Ready To Love You”, “Need You Right Now”, or “Salvation”. Along with it come much edgier lyrics that are a middle finger to all the “fake filter” nonsense of today’s society, encouraging us all to put our foot down to bullshit that doesn’t serve us. Speaking on the track, HEDEGAARD shared, "This is a completely new journey a change of style back to the club -and a different sound universe that has opened up for renewed passion and inspiration in the music."

Along with the song comes the unforgettable music video. I won’t spoil it for you, but def keep your eyes on it the whole time. 👀👀👀