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The Future Is Looking Bright: A New Fischerspooner Album Appears To Be Coming Very Soon....FINALLY
Fischerspooner gonna Fischerspooner. 📷: Vincent Urbani

Fischerspooner gonna Fischerspooner. 📷: Vincent Urbani

I haven't been able to stop thinking about this Instagram Story since I saw it two days ago. 

Thank the lorde I recently decided to split my attention between Snapchat and Instagram Stories otherwise I would have missed out on this VERY interesting hint of awesome things to come: 

from  Casey Spooner 's IG story

from Casey Spooner's IG story

Do you guys remember almost a year ago TO THE DAY when the heavens briefly parted and sent down a Fischerspooner track in the form of a NICOPANDA video with some really stellar choreography because I sure as hell do!

Definitely haven't played this video an embarrassing number of times since it came out. That would be crazy. 😳

So yeah that video dropped




happened. :( 

Well actually that's not true.

If you're just catching up like admittedly I am, a little bit of news started to leak out near the end of last year.

To bring you up to speed, these are the things that we know:

Are we on the same page yet? Do you understand why I legit had trouble going to sleep the other night after I saw this? It was already enough of a challenge to prepare myself for having Fischerspooner back, but then you factor in BOOTS and newcomers (to my ears) Crush Club in the mix with them, knowing all the while that Michael Stipe has been carefully keeping watch over this project.... 

the future is actually starting to look bright, you guys. 

Are you excited? 

I'm so excited! 

(btw you need to read the entire NICOPANDA interview with Casey Spooner. Bless that man)

New #Content Alert: The 'di-SKOA-ver weekly' Playlist
"Play it! Don't you wanna hear what's next?!"

"Play it! Don't you wanna hear what's next?!"

I've noticed that a lot of my friends who use Spotify have developed a new habit. Every Monday morning without fail I watch in my friend feed as they all pour over their Discover Weekly playlists throughout the course of the day. This is all well and good. I'm actually happy to see that my friends in and out of the music business are anxious to find new music to bring them joy. 

In terms of what happens post-playlist, though. I'm never really sure. I only really hear about when the magical Spotify-powered algorithm "fails" someone during any given week. I never hear the celebratory "THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE BAND!! THANKS ALGORITHM!!" or "GOING TO SEE MY NEW FAVORITE BAND TONIGHT THANKS TO A PLAYLIST!" 

How does one communicate with a playlist/algorithm exactly? 

This is where yours truly comes in to play. 

Starting today, I'm launching what I will playfully be referring to as the di-SKOA-ver weekly playlist. (You know me and my love of puns! I couldn't help myself.)

This is how I intend to run such a playlist: 

  • Just like Spotify, once a week the dedicated playlist below will be updated with a fresh crop of songs. 
  • Just like Spotify's playlist, some will be old, some will be new. 
  • I will mostly be sourcing the music on my own, but will occasionally be taking recommendations from Sprout, Shey, and Fam Like You! 
  • Unlike the Spotify playlist, should you find yourself in love with a song/band, upon adding that music to your own collection YOU'LL HAVE A HUMAN TO TALK TO ABOUT IT.
  • Another important thing! All the artists in said playlist I will learn things about before updating the playlist for the week so when we talk it'll actually be a stimulating conversation! 
  • More importantly, if I notice that a ton of people are interested in the same artist, I'll make it a priority on the site to do more coverage for them in the form of tour updates, interviews, etc. 

Obviously you are encouraged to follow this playlist from your Spotify account, but I'll also make sure the playlist is sitting pretty on the homepage for your convenience. 

BTW we can be friends on Spotify too if you're into that. I love stalking my friend feed for new music and getting inboxed things to try! 


#skoaradio 11/14/2015 liner notes
"Kibbe, aren't you posting these liner notes kind of late?"

"Kibbe, aren't you posting these liner notes kind of late?"

I'm late to getting this up. Sorry. Clearly from the amount of posts I've done so far today I'm trying tog get caught up. It's a nice problem to have with 3 fire shows in a week being the root of not being able to get #content out on time.

Anyway, this is going to be the last time I put together a separate playlist for the show. That's right, from now on you'll have to scramble to pull the songs from a playlist that I'm going to be changing on the regular. This is mutually beneficial because it will force me to get these out sooner rather than later so you can snatch up the goodies I share with you.

Hope you're having a great weekend fam!



Read these things and get smarter okay?

Feel free to grab this playlist, obvi.

[Night Out] BOOTS @ Rough Trade (11/13/2015)

Since the day that Rocko slid "I Run Roulette" in front of me a back in February I had been practically drooling all over myself to experience BOOTS in the flesh. I was basically been counting down the days until the album release party at Rough Trade last Friday. The week that Aquaria dropped it was like going down the side of a mountain on a bike, especially when I got an advance of the album and got to taste what would be washing over me Friday night.

Then, for about a minute that day before we made it to Rough Trade, I briefly considered not going. It was about an hour before I got out of work when Twitter lit up with what was happening in Paris, specifically what transpired at The Bataclan. The hesitation mostly stemmed from trying to decide if it was disrespectful to rock out while there were people suffering on the other side of the ocean. It's hard to know how to proceed in situations like these without feeling like you've either moved on too quickly or conversely letting it take up so much of your head space that the people who did the awful things essentially accomplished what they set out to do. With that in mind, I focused my attention on dedicating my night of dancing to the ones who should have had the freedom to do the same in Paris.

And danced we did.

BOOTS brainchild Jordan Asher and I were clearly on the same page. Prior to performing, he had us collectively send love out to Paris with our fists raised in unison before instructing us to raise our middle fingers to the people in the world that thought they could take our community away from us.

Also, just so we're clear, all my preemptive drooling was not done in vain. Seconds after paying our respects, Asher and his accompanying band launched into a powerful set that immediately annihilated any potential jitters about being at a show in a major city that night and reinforced in all of us the power that we realize in ourselves and each other when we go to shows. The ability to exchange glances with a complete stranger and nod knowing that both of your minds are collectively being blown by what is happening a few feet in front of you. The chance to make friends with fellow showgoers before/after a set because you can infer that you've surrounded yourself with fairly like-minded individuals. These are things that I took for granted until that night when I had to stare fear in the face and quote White Stripes lyrics at it ("there's no home for you here") because it is when people gather together in the name of a single cause that change happens.

I sincerely hope none of you have hesitated for a second about stepping foot inside a venue since last Friday. If my schedule were more open right now I'd be defiantly going to 2 shows a night right now. Music is one of the most powerful forces on the planet because it has the power to bring people from a multitude of backgrounds together and get along, even if it's just for an hour.

On a lighter note, Sprout and I have bragging rights because we were able to snag these at the show:

Yep. I got 2/100 and Sprout got 22/100. It must be said that once you listen to this record on vinyl it will be incredibly hard for you to listen to stream/downloads of it the same way again. Wow. For those of you who weren't able to make it to either release shows (he also did one in LA) you will be able to pick up a vinyl copy on December 4th when the full vinyl run will be available. For now, familiarize yourself with the wonders of Aquaria:

Night Outkibbe!BOOTS
#skoaradio 10/24/2015 liner notes
artist rendition of my convo with Alex from Kingswood after I shut the mic off

artist rendition of my convo with Alex from Kingswood after I shut the mic off

Hey fam!

Things refuse to slow down in SKOA HQ, but I'm not complaining! I wrapped up CMJ with a day in Aussie Heaven where we interviewed KINGSWOOD prior to watching them totally kill it. I can't believe how much fun I had. Kinda wish it had never ended tbh. Oh well. Time to prep for Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, which is coming up super fast. I've got a couple of new tracks on this week's show. As always would love to hear your thoughts so @ me bb if you liked what you heard!

See you next week!




#skoaradio 10/03/2015 liner notes
If you don't like music you can't sit with us.

If you don't like music you can't sit with us.

It's chill af in NYC today. Literally. Like I'm having a hard time getting out of bed because I like my feet not being popsicles. I am writing this whilst I am still in bed. That said, the chill means that all the glorious fall albums are under way and CMJ is quickly approaching. I've also been on a steady streak of shows lately, which I will get up ASAP for you to see and be jealous of me. I'm also working to backdate all the show notes I kept saying I was upping and then rage quit because as you can see below these posts are intense as hell, you guys. OH WELL IT'S WORTH IT BECAUSE I LOVE DOING THIS!

Enjoy this weeks jams and be sure to grab the Spotify playlist below if you want to keep this mix around. As always, I'd love to hear from you so feel free to drop me a tweet and let me know what you thought of this week's show.



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