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[SONG OF THE DAY] Future Unlimited - "Falling"
photo courtesy of the bands  Instagram

photo courtesy of the bands Instagram

Of all the things I was excited to see in my Release Radar last Friday, I was totally unprepared for a new track from Nashville synth-pop rockers Future Unlimited. They basically had completely fallen off the radar after dropping their 2016 EP, Calm Down. Unbeknownst to me because I have too many band babies to keep track of, they very casually resurfaced briefly back in October, playing a show in Nashville that featured a new lineup and new songs.

Apparently their launch strategy for these aforementioned new songs is:

  1. Get song to music distributors

  2. Casually post on social media about the songs

  3. Don’t respond to press when they reach out excitedly for more info

Cause I got NOTHING, fam. Like literally everything I just told you is all that anyone appears to know, which is terribly frustrating when you’re trying to be thorough in your info spreading and support.

I’m no monster though, even with barely anything to work with, “Falling” is so good that for now that’s really all you need in your life to start your Monday off right.

Believe me when I say I will not rest until I have more info for you about what is going on with these guys.

More soon!

[2016 Recap] A Few Of My Favorite Things
bless Topsters for assembling this graphic infinitely easier than prior years 

bless Topsters for assembling this graphic infinitely easier than prior years 

Surpriiiiseee!! I'm going to do my year end wrap up differently than most of the ones I've seen. Mostly because I have so many to share, but mostly because I like to let the music do the talking and help you get better connected to the artists themselves. Instead of recaps of each record, I'm going to point you to my favorite tracks so if any of these are new to your ears you'll have the best starting point I can give you. 

Personal Observations for 2016

This was a weird year for me in terms of listening/discovery habits. Instead of fighting against music consumption trends, I decided to play along. I dove head first into my Discover Weekly playlist. I even followed some of my friends' in order to see what I would find and set up an IFTTT recipe to archive everything recommended to me so I could go back and reference it later if I wanted. I barely touched my SKOA inbox, which probably upset a lot of publicists. Anyway, according to Last.FM's data (since Spotify never ended up sending me mine), I listened to 1,919 new artists this year, which is ABSOLUTELY INSANE. But really when you think about how much music Discover Weekly puts in front of you, it's really less than what everyone had the potential to check out (which is 1,560 if you figure we get 30 new tracks a week for a year). I am in the 98th percentile in music listening per Last.FM (meaning I listen to more music than 98% of people who still scrobble to Last.FM) and I found myself panicky and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of music that Spotify thinks I can get through on TOP of the music I already love and want to enjoy, or the random rabbit holes I end up falling into that typically bring me great new baby bands. I guess most people approach Discover Weekly differently than I do, letting artists come and go as they please, but knowing the transformative power that music possesses, I'm always wary of passing on an opportunity to be affected and share those experiences with others. 

It's crazy to think that 20% of what stuck with me this year was randomly generated by The Algorithm and not delivered to me by humans. I almost said that the human delivery was through cosmic forces, but really, if music finds its way to your ears/hearts by friend or by Algorithm, both are cosmic in a way, no? 

This is my struggle at present. I value the connection that happens when a humans experience music together, whether it be by recommendation or attending shows together. I worry this experience will continue to be diminished the more we silo ourselves into our algorithm-based echo chambers. I really hope I'm just out of touch and someone will point me to where this is the opposite, but I can't ignore how self-serving shows feel now every time I treat myself to a Night Out. This has been on my heart/mind too much lately to ignore it, so expect some changes to how things go down on the site (starting with making more time for this now that my new job isn't crazy busy for awhile). 

What music moved you this year? Did you like some of these records but different tracks? I'd honestly love to know so please drop me a comment. Also if you want more than favorite tracks out of me for these records, feel free to bug me on Twitter I am happy to share! 

My Favorite Things Of 2016


Tragame Tierra

Big Black Delta 

Top Tracks: "It's Ok", "RCVR", "Let's Go Home", "I See Fit"

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Prism Tats

Prism Tats

Top Tracks: "Pacifist Masochist", "Creep Out // Freak Out", "Death or Fame"

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Still Waters 


Top Tracks: "Back For More", "2Good4Me",  "My Toy", "Get Lost"

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Biffy Clyro

Top Tracks: "Flammable", "On A Bang", "Re-arrange" 

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Choir of Young Believers

Top Tracks: "Face Melting", "Serious Lover", "Jer Seg Dig"

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Top Tracks: "Horizon", "Epoch", "Division" 

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Warm On A Cold Night


Top tracks: "Someone That Loves You", "Warm On A Cold Night", "It Ain't Wrong Loving You", "Good Together"

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Figure EP


Top Tracks: "We Lost", "Figure"

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Culture Abuse

Top Tracks: "So Jealous", "Dream On", "Peace On Earth" 

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Man About Town

Mayer Hawthorne

Top Tracks: "Breakfast In Bed", "Love Like That", "Out of Pocket", "Cosmic Love"

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Kishi Bashi

Top Tracks: "Ode To My Next Life", "Statues In A Gallery", "Can't Let Go, Juno", "Say Yeah"

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Top Tracks: "Tick", "Shithole", "Coo Coo", "One More"

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Top Tracks: "Fascination", "Speed Racer"

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Above Water


Top Tracks: "I Really Love You", "Stay For Awhile", "Feel So Good"

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St. Lucia

Top Tracks: "Winds Of Change", "Dancing On Glass", "Help Me Run Away"

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Top Tracks: "Don't Hurt Yourself", "Formation", "All Night" 

Buy/Listen/Befriend:  Tidal | Facebook | Twitter

For All We Know


Top Tracks: "Girlfriend", "Bad Blood", "Fool To Love"

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New York Fascist Week


Top Tracks: "I'm Still Waiting", "Gun Range", "Auf Wiedersehen"

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Top Tracks: "Electric Chair", "Ginsberg", "Shipping Yard"

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Legend EP

Magic Sword

Top Tracks: "The Curse", "Uprising"

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Dame Fortune


Top Tracks: "Peace of What", "We Come Alive"

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Sweet Addiction EP 


Top Tracks: "Sweet Addiction", "Make It Easy", "Golden Age"

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David Bowie

Top Tracks: "Blackstar", "Lazarus", "I Can't Give Everything Away"

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The Impossible Kid

Aesop Rock

Top Tracks: "Rings", "Dorks", "Blood Sandwich"

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Top Tracks: "Kill Our Way To Heaven", "Tell Me The Same", "When You Loved Me Least"

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You Won't

Top Tracks: "Yah Yah Yah", "1-4-5", "No Divide"

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Cut The Body Loose


Top Tracks: "Kurt Cobain", "Running Away From God"

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Calm Down

Future Unlimited

Top Tracks: "Calm Me Down", "Tame"

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Death Of A Bachelor

Panic! At The Disco

Top Tracks: "Golden Days", "Death Of A Bachelor" 

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Top Tracks: "Runaway", "Party Line" 

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Top Tracks: "I Wait For You", "Bad Girl", "Down On Me"

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Top Tracks: "Arena", "Go Time", "Destination Breakdown" 

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Building A Beginning

Jamie Lidell

Top Tracks: "Don't Let Me Let You Go", "I Live To Make You Smile", "Walk Right Back"

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Who Sold My Generation

Night Beats

Top Tracks: "Sunday Mourning", "Right/Wrong", "Bad Love"

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Alas Salvation


Top Tracks: "Harbour The Feeling", "Victorious", "Alas Salvation"

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[Listen] Future Unlimited - 'Calm Down' (Full EP Stream)

Future Unlimited are back! It's been 3 long years since last we heard from these fine Nashville fellows. My how time flies! 

So I'm a little embarrassed. You see, this EP dropped a few weeks ago. The reason I'm so late to the game on posting this is because I have been obsessively playing it since I got sent the stream a month ago. I've been sitting with a draft of this post for almost a month trying to put into words how this EP makes me feel, but honestly I was just too distracted listening to it to write. 

That said, if this is about to be your first time experiencing the awesomeness that is Future Unlimited, as Sprout would say, "Hold onto your effing hats!" This EP is as powerful as it is spacious. Every time I listen to this with headphones I feel it permeating corners of my brain that I forgot existed. Also the energy level between Calm Down and their self-titled debut is like the difference between a solid cup of coffee and drinking 17 shots of espresso. This is best represented in songs like the opening and final tracks, "Tame" and "Destroyer", respectively. 

Currently there appears to be no plans for a tour to support the EP in sight, so that just means you have to buy the album so they can afford to come visit you. :) 

Did you enjoy this record as much as I did? @ ME at let me know! 

[Watch] Check Out Future Unlimited's Dark Video for "Haunted Love," Directed by Shia LeBeouf

Nashville duo Future Unlimited's debut self-titled EP was, for me, a standout from last year, combining a great synth-pop sound with tons of '80s influence. Since then they've released a couple of standalone singles, one of which was "Haunted Love." The song now has a dark video worthy of its eerie tones.

The pair have been pimping this clip for a while, and with good reason. Sitting in the director's chair is actor Shia LaBeouf, who is no stranger to music videos—he starred in Sigur Rós' video for "Fjögur Píanó" and has directed videos for Marilyn Manson and Kid Cudi. The clip for "Haunted Love" stars band member Dave Miller alongside LaBeouf's girlfriend Mia Goth, who take us through a disturbing tale of love. Watch it below.

(via Rolling Stone)

[Download] Future Unlimited - "Haunted Love"

Future Unlimited add a tinge of '80s synthpop to your otherwise spooky Halloween celebrations, with the Día de los Muertos-inspired "Haunted Love". While not outright fear-inducing, the song carries an atmospheric weight of uneasiness, as moody synthesizers and brash percussion swarm your eardrums. This one will be perfect for any moody Halloween party. Download the song below.

[Listen] Future Unlimited - "Lightweight Eyes"

Future Unlimited have a little gift "for your summer." On their official website, the Nashville synthpop duo released a  new single titled "Lightweight Eyes." The song is pure synthpop bliss, with sweeping synths drifting you along an array reverbed vocals, pulsating synthesizers, and weighty, pounding bass drums and snares. Highly recommended listen "for your summer." Grab the song for the cost of a tweet over at the band's website.

[Listen] Future Unlimited - "Sleep No More" (The Comsat Angels Cover)

Future Unlimited decided to celebrate the Fourth of July not by drinking excessively and barbecuing in their backyard (although it's entirely possible they could have been doing that), but rather by covering The Comsat Angels, one of the band's biggest influences. Their cover of "Sleep No More," like any good cover, stays true to the original, but in this case, the Nashville duo give the synth-punk track a more dreamy overhaul. Utilizing warm, ambient synths and a percussive set with more of a punch, Samuel D'Amelio and Dave Miller turn the song into four-and-a-half minutes of a spacy, romantic opera. Check it out below.

[Interview] Future Unlimited Talk their Debut EP, SXSW, '80s Appreciation, and Drop a (Great) Pun

Future Unlimited's history has been short to say the least, but every single moment of the Nashville duo's musical endeavour has been very well spent. Starting as a friendship formed through a noise complaint, to experimenting musically while working on an independent movie soundtrack, to the present moment, the synthpop duo has grown in popularity and talent incredibly quickly. Two months ago, they surprised the blogosphere with the standout track "Golden," an anthemic synth-lovers dream steeped in the sounds that made '80s synthpop so great. The crooning vocals, the pulse-pounding synthesizers, the sweeping crescendos; Future Unlimited have tapped into the 1980s and used in a way that works beautifully with the current age.

Since the release of "Golden," Samuel D'Amelio and Dave Miller have released their slef-titled debut EP, performed at this year's South by Southwest, and were even featured in NME's "Top 10 Buzziest Bands of SXSW 2012." Things are only looking up for the Nashville duo, and I recently had the opportunity to chat with them about all things Future Unlimited. After the jump, you can read what Samuel D'Amelio and Dave Miller had to say to a few of my burning questions.

As well, make sure to follow the band on both Twitter and Facebook.

Adrian: Future Unlimited started as a noise complaint, did it not? Describe the beginnings of the band and the shared love the two of you have for ‘80s music.

Dave Miller: Our friendship started as a noise complaint yeah, but our musical relationship which has become Future Unlimited started last year. I was cooking in a small restaurant in Naples, FL when I got this call from some friends of mine that were making an independent film called Orca Park, and they asked me to do the score... so at that point Sam said I could crash on his couch for the duration of the filming. Sam encouraged me to get the hell out of GarageBand and experiment with some other DAWs. A couple days into the new DAW, our “experiment” ended up being the song "Golden."

Sam D'Amelio: Regarding the “shared love”—that’s kind of obvious at this point, right? ;)

A: In regards to this "shared love" for ‘80s music, who are your biggest influences from the decade, and what is it about the ‘80s that the two of you find to be so appealing and meaningful?

DM: I grew up with an older brother and sister who were always playing records in the house. I really took to the more post-punk and new-wave bands. I’ve always loved OMD, The Wake, Moby... The Cure... U2—those are the heavy influences. As far as contemporary artists—really dig Lansing-Dreiden/Violens, Bogdan Irkuk, College, and those 120 Days guys.

SD: My mother and father were total audiophiles—especially after their divorce (you know, when you try to find hobbies to fill up a void etc. etc.). I remember climbing through stacks of cassettes and vinyl – one that really grabbed me from the get go was Gary Numan (although that’s more 79’) and holy shit, the Eurythmics. Ric Ocasek with Beatitude, Tears for Fears, Depeche... shit like that. It’s just a whole mindset—those sounds, the synths, drum programming—for some people it’s a guitar shred off of Alice in Chains that does it, or a break from a Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth that does it—for me, it’s all about the synths.

A: Synths are heavily featured in your first track “Golden,” which was released only two months ago. The song immediately drew attention from all across the blogosphere, including myself. What can you tell me about the song, the meaning behind it, and how the two of you reacted to the reactions of those hearing it for the first time?

DM: "Golden" was the first track we conceived. It was one of those songs where the music just wrote itself long before we had the words. For me personally, it was a reach for something akin to a Tears For Fears chorus. I think Sam and I were both going for this green-street-hooligan-style football anthem, but the actual words are about the bullshit industry and dealing with a band of strangers, who become friends, then sometimes enemies. The reactions were initially what pushed us to keep writing—we’re incredibly grateful to be in this situation.

Future Unlimited - Golden by Future Unlimited

A: So, since you've continued writing following the release of “Golden," the two of you have garnered praise from blogs, music fans, and were even at this year’s South by Southwest, going so far as performing at a showcase put on by our good friends at Consequence of Sound. What was your experience like during SXSW? The atmosphere, the fans, the reactions? The two of you even made NME Magazine’s top 10 buzz bands of SXSW.

DM: Anyone who’s been to SXSW knows it’s hectic as hell, a lot of walking, free beer and tacos. It was actually a pretty chill time for us—we had fun and got to see some great artists and old friends we look up to. A lot of people weren’t expecting us to have a 4-piece with guitar and bass, but the response was really positive. Some may have wanted the “synth-pop” duo, but hey, being the new kids on the block, you can’t win over everyone. Not having a drummer (both Sam & I are drummers) was awesome—the setup is so less stressful.

SD: Oh man. I swore I’d never go back to SXSW some years ago, and boom, there we were again. I love it, but it’s definitely a clusterfuck. The actual shows were all really awesome—the CoS people were incredible—and the Popantipop showcases were a blast. The atmosphere was different at each show—being day/afternoon/night, but it was fun. Regarding the NME thing, I still haven’t completely wrapped my head around that one..

A: It's an impressive feat, and immediately following your whirlwind experience of SXSW, you released your debut self-titled EP for free on your website. Are the two of you pleased with how the EP has been received, and what stood out to you most following the release?

SD: To be honest, we haven’t even really paid attention to the reception. I mean, I hope it was well received—but I try to keep my eyes up and ahead. From what I’ve heard, it has something for everyone. Some people swear by one or two songs, and some people swear by some others. In the end, we’re just happy people like it. Genuinely.

A: Given that your time spent in the eyes of the media and music fans has been very short, there were bound to have been times when your music has been compared to the music of others. What comparisons have been made, and going forward, what do the two of you hope to do in order to further differentiate yourselves and your music from the rest?

SD: Yeah, but it really doesn’t bother us at all. We get Cut/Copy now and then, or The Drums, etc. If anything, it’s a compliment! We’ll let the music do the rest.

A: That's a good way of looking at things. With that in mind, what are your plans for the near future? Is a follow up to your debut EP in the works?

SD: The future... unknown. The original session which brought about all this (the “Cloak & Dagger” sessions) was a 6-month period that yielded around 18 tracks and god knows how many unfinished ones. The five on the current EP were just plucked out of a much larger session. It’s more or less a waiting game right now to see what to do with the next batch—whether we’ll keep doing free blasts, or wait to piece together a cohesive full-length. So I guess in answer to your question—yes!

A: On a final note, what have been the most exciting, or the most difficult or frustrating, moments over the course of your sudden upswing of attention and praise?

SD & DM: Life. Loss. We’ve both lost a lot of close family in the last year. Financially, we’re the worst we’ve ever been. Buying equipment is a joke because we can barely pay rent on the studio apartment we live in. It’s incredibly frustrating sometimes because it’s like, damn – imagine what we could do with a proper this or a proper that. But in the end, it’s what you do with what you’ve got. And right now, we have nothing, so the future’s unlimited from here.