[Listen] Future Unlimited - 'Calm Down' (Full EP Stream)

Future Unlimited are back! It's been 3 long years since last we heard from these fine Nashville fellows. My how time flies! 

So I'm a little embarrassed. You see, this EP dropped a few weeks ago. The reason I'm so late to the game on posting this is because I have been obsessively playing it since I got sent the stream a month ago. I've been sitting with a draft of this post for almost a month trying to put into words how this EP makes me feel, but honestly I was just too distracted listening to it to write. 

That said, if this is about to be your first time experiencing the awesomeness that is Future Unlimited, as Sprout would say, "Hold onto your effing hats!" This EP is as powerful as it is spacious. Every time I listen to this with headphones I feel it permeating corners of my brain that I forgot existed. Also the energy level between Calm Down and their self-titled debut is like the difference between a solid cup of coffee and drinking 17 shots of espresso. This is best represented in songs like the opening and final tracks, "Tame" and "Destroyer", respectively. 

Currently there appears to be no plans for a tour to support the EP in sight, so that just means you have to buy the album so they can afford to come visit you. :) 

Did you enjoy this record as much as I did? @ ME at let me know!