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[Watch] Hodgy Beats is Lonely in His New Clip for "Alone"

A month removed from releasing his Untitled 2 EP, Odd Future's Hodgy Beats invites us to share in his loneliness with the video for "Alone." The clip perfectly suits the title and lyrics of the track, finding Hodgy all by himself as he goes about his unorthodox daily routine. Whether it's hanging out in his cartoonish cardboard living room, lying on the grass or buried up to his neck in sand, Hodgy is all alone. Maybe he just needs a friend.

[Watch] Tyler, The Creator's Video for "IFHY"

Never short of fucked up, weird ideas, Tyler, The Creator enters the body of a Ken doll in his video for "IFHY". His creepy plastic face and blank stare is enough to churn the toughest of stomachs. The final minute shifts focus to Hodgy Beats and Tyler driving around the suburbs, running over dolls and rapping to another Wolf cut titled "Jamba". Check out the two-part clip above.

Wolf is out on April 2nd.

[Listen] Toro Y Moi feat. Hodgy Beats - "So Many Details" (Remix)

Later this month, Record Store Day will play host to "Back to Black Friday", and one of the artists taking part in the event is Chaz Bundick, aka Toro Y Moi. His song "So Many Details", which we first heard a couple of weeks ago, will be released as a 7" single, and backing it up is Bundick's own remix of the song featuring Odd Future member Hodgy Beats. Worth the listen? Hell yes.

"Black to Black Friday" takes place on November 23rd, so make sure to grab a copy of the single. As well, Toro Y Moi's third album Anything In Return drops on January 22nd on Carpark.

[Listen] MellowHype - "Decoy"

As we await the release of MellowHype's upcoming album, Numbers, Hodgy and Left Brain have taken to the intenet to fittingly dub this week 'Mellow Hype Week' and will be releasing new music in anticipation of the album release next month. Shortly after dubbing this week with an apt title, Hodgy took to Twitter again to drop "Decoy" which can be streamed below.

Numbers is scheduled to be released on the 9th of October.

[Watch] MellowHype - "La Bonita" (Official Video)

Hodgy Beats and Left Brain's collaborative side project MellowHype has a new video for the single "La Bonita", visuals that Hodgy Beats insists "ain’t only for the Spanish girls". "La Bonita" is the lead single off of MellowHype's upcoming album Numberswhich is due out on October 9th via Odd Future Records. Peep the replay above to see a Mariachi band wearing badass lucha libre mask.