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#diSKOAverweekly: Week of September 18, 2019

I’ve decided to make more work for myself with diSKOAver weekly! So exciting!

I feel like it’s not fair to the bands I feature in this playlist to not give them the same amount of love I do with all the other features I do so I’ve decided to do a tweets worth of info on each track because after all sharing is caring and boy do I give so many fucks about putting these songs in your hands.


  1. Moon Boots - “You Won’t See Me Cry (feat. Little Boots)

    This cut from the new Moon Boots record is my personal slice of discotastic heaven. The rest of the record is super fun, too.

  2. DallasK - “I Know”

    Gonna be honest, kind of embarrassed that I’m just now getting into DallasK but damn I picked a fucking banger to get on board.

  3. Mason - “Rhythm In My Brain”

    Honestly it’s not fair that Mason is so perfect. And he’s SO CASUAL about dropping so many bops. This one is SUCH 💥A 💥VIBE💥.

  4. Los Padres - “Boomerang (feat. Nina Sung)”

    Holy shit my home state over here making me SO PROUD with this house hitttttttttt. Def gonna be keeping an eye out on this duo for what they do next. 👀👀👀

  5. RAAVE TAPES - “stabs”

    I have been OBSESSED with this song since I heard it. They’re like a lovely intersection of The Rapture, Does It Offend You Yeah, Crystal Castles, and Late of the Pier. I WANT MORE DANCE PUNK LIKE THIS. GIVE IT TO ME

  6. CRX - “Walls”

    Fun fact: Josh Homme from QOTSA produced this whole record. Love how fucking high energy this is. Oh and Nick Valensi from The Strokes is the singer so you know these dudes aren’t fuckin around.

  7. Tomos - “An Intermission”

    If I could float around in space to this I would be pretty hype about it. No, I’m not high.

  8. Cashmere Cat - “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY”

    This new single is quite lovely and I’m very happy that they’ll be playing Webby Hall in December.

  9. Sparrows - “Do U Wanna Dance?”

    Something about the synths in this makes me think of “Sync” from the FEZ soundtrack but more energetic and that pleases me very much.

  10. Rejje Snow - “LMFAO”

    I need to spend more time with Rejje’s last record that this track is from. It’s very much my shit, but I bet you’ll be able to tell why this one was my favorite. 😂

  11. AJ Abdullah - “Oh, the Moon!”

    HOW SWEET IS HIS VOICE!? HOW SWEET IS THIS FUCKIN’ SONG!? I’m glad I decided to check my email before I pulled tracks for this week’s update today. This was such a delightful surprise.

  12. MXMS - “What’s My Name?”

    This one is a real gut punch. Funeral pop duo MXMS released this on World Suicide Prevention Day and if it doesn’t make your eyes water a little bit you might be dead inside?????????

  13. Sego x Vacationer - “YAH.”

    Sego and Vacationer teamed up to cover Kendrick Lamar and it’s just so….. *chef’s kiss*

  14. Hunjiya - “go to bed (feat. Ben Hon)”

    My good friend and neighborhood troubadour Jesse Ruben introduced me to Hunjiya (born Alice Kim) when I ran into him on the street a few weeks ago and was like, “you’d fucking love Alice’s music” AND HE WAS RIGHT. Her new EP is FANTASTIC.

  15. Sam Hollis - “Miranda”

    I have been sitting on this Sam Hollis jam for way too long (Sorry Sam). Even though he’s homeys with Timi Temple it’s TOTALLY DIFFERENT VIBE A BOY DO I MEAN VIIIIBBBBEEEE.

  16. Hundredth - “Whatever”

    So this band gradually pivoted from essentially hardcore to shoegaze and it…..totally fucking works. The older stuff is fine, but they really wear this new direction INCREDIBLY WELL.

IF YOU’VE STUMBLED INTO THIS POST AFTER I’VE SWAPPED OUT THESE TRACKS DO NOT PANIC!! I GOTCHU FAM! You can grab these (and a fuckload more music) over in the archive.


[Night Out] The Kills @ Warsaw (04/13/2016)

Ugh. Alison Mosshart, please be my best friend. Like, don't listen to anyone else on the internet who wants you to be their best friend. I mean, you played a show on my birthday, so clearly you are already being a thoughtful future best friend. (Thanks bb!)

Gotta say, there's a very specific type of stylish person that likes The Kills and I was awkwardly not in that majority. I can't imagine wearing a leather jacket to a show, let alone wearing a leather jacket to a show full of people who are also all wearing leather jackets. It was very warm in there, but also You get what I mean. 

I have now seen my future best friend in both of the active bands that she's in. Not gonna lie, as badass as The Kills are, I like the energy that Jackie White can pull out of her when she's working her Dead Weather magic. I think it's mostly because when you watch her and White singing/shouting in each other's faces you can't tell if they're about to punch each other or make out. The Kills are just more subtle with their awesomeness, I suppose.

Speaking of awesomeness, I spotted so many fantastic humans at this show. Almost immediately once I was through the doors at Warsaw I practically knocked over Jimmy Gnecco from Ours. I also had the pleasure of observing Josh Homme playfully booty dancing with some gal pals of his before accidentally tripping Anthony Bourdain as he exited VIP. If my memory serves correctly they all adhered to the leathered dress code that I didn't know about. *Sigh* Whatever. 

Friendly reminder to one and all that The Kills are dropping a new record in just a few months. If "Doing It To Death" and "Heart Of A Dog" are any indication of what's to come, Ash & Ice is going to slayyy forrr dayssss. June 3rd hurry up already! 

[Watch] Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and Trent Reznor live in the studio playing "Mantra"

As I'm sure you're aware by now, Dave Grohl's soundtrack to his movie about Los Angeles recording studio Sound City, is soon to be released. Next week in fact on March 12th via Dave's very own label, Roswell Records. On Sound City: Real to Reel there is many a collaboration to get you hot under the collar. Check out the full tracklisting on iTunes here. For me though anything with Dave on drums and Josh Homme on guitar of some sort is going to make me lose it a little bit. Add into that mix the ridiculously talented Trent Reznor and you've got a recipe for a panic attack. Seriously.

Ahead of the release of the soundtrack next week, RollingStone has released some in studio footage of the trio recording the track titled "Mantra". It's sure to relax you on a stressful Friday afternoon as well as induce a fever of awesome. Check it out above.

[Listen] Josh Homme - "Nobody To Love"

As we all eagerly await news of the new Queens of the Stone Age album it would appear the gents over at Antiquiet have stumbled across some Josh Homme related goodness. Titled "Nobody To Love", this track comes from Josh and was used in David Ayer’s Jake Gyllenhaal staring End of Watch during the end credits. It was co-written by the film’s composer Dave Sardy but it's unmistakably Homme through and through. Bluesy and very much enjoyable from start to finish with some nice piano work to boot.

Let's hope we get some news from that camp sooner rather than later regarding a new album.

[Listen] The Hives - "Insane" x "High School Shuffle" Prod. Josh Homme

We got to enjoy the new album from The Hives, Lex Hives, earlier in the week but as the week's progressed some more new tracks from the band have hit the net. On the deluxe edition of the release there comes some extra tracks, produced by Josh Homme at his very own Pink Duck Studios. First up via Rolling Stone you can listen to "Insane" before treating your ears to "High School Shuffle" via RCRD LBL. Happy Friday listening. 

They're both after the jump and "Insane" auto-plays as a little word of warning incase you have headphones on and turned up rather loud as I did. The initial riff may hurt a little if so.

[Listen] Mondo Generator - "The Last Train" Feat. Josh Homme x John Garcia

I must say that I did not see this coming following the whole Kyuss Lives! debacle but hey, we're definitely not going to complain. Our buddies over at Antiquiet point towards a new track from Nick Oliveri's band Mondo Generator and it features not only Kyuss singer John Garcia but Josh Homme too. I know, how awesome is that! AQ also point to an interview with Let There Be Talk on The Laugh Factory in which Nick talks about how him and Josh have smoothed everything over now. 

The track features on Mondo's new album Hell Comes To Your Heart which is out now.

[Listen] Florence & The Machine - "Jackson" Feat. Josh Homme (MTV Unplugged)

I've been hearing murmurs of this on the net for a while but a full on wave of goodness has now hit he web in the shape of a collaboration Florence & The Machine's MTV Unplugged session with Josh Homme. The pair cover Jerry Leiber and Billy Edd Wheeler’s "Jackson" during the MTV session. More tracks set to feature on the full broadcast include live interpretations of Otis Redding’s "Try A Little Tenderness", and a few Flo tracks too. Not too long until we get to enjoy the entire show though, the 8th of April to be precise and it'll be available to enjoy over on For now though, let's check out Josh and Florence performing Jackson below.

[Listen] Mark Lanegan Band - 'Blues Funeral' (Full Album Stream)

Stream the new album from Mark Lanegan and kick back with a nice whiskey. Blues Funeral is set for release next week on the 6th of February via 4AD. The album features a tonne of guest spots including the very talented Alain Johannes who also actually produces the record. The album also features spots from collaborators and friends such as  Josh Homme, Chris Goss (Masters of Reality), Jack Irons (Eleven, Pearl Jam) and Greg Dulli (Gutter Twins). 

Preorder Blues Funeral at Mark Lanegan’s official site after spinning it numerous times at the top of the page. It's a triumph. Hat tip to Antiquiet / Exclaim! for the stream.