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[Watch] Kid Cudi feat. King Chip - "Just What I Am" (Official Video)

Kid Cudi drops the video for "Just What I Am", the lead single from his upcoming third LP Indicud. The video see Cudi and featured guest King Chip in a psychedelic-tinged visual collage directed by Cudi himself, which is even outlined by a delicate golden frame (because that obviously proves how baller you are). Watch Cudi and King Chip as they drink, party, and roll around in a crisp red Cadillac above.

Indicud is out early next year on Universal/G.O.O.D. Music.

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[Listen] Kid Cudi - "King Wizard"

Complex points us towards a new cut from Kid Cudi entitled "King Wizard". After the mixed reaction towards his rock experiment WZRD, Mr. Rager is back to the realm of hip-hop and apparently his new album Indicud is posed for greatness:

Stream "King Wizard" below, which, as it turns out, is actually pretty damn good.

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[Listen] Kid Cudi - "Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More of This Whiskey!"

A new track from Kid Cudi has hit the next and it's a bit of a mouthful in the title department: "Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More of This Whiskey!". The track starts of slowly but shows off Cudders as we used to know him before his venture into WZRD. The track also features production from the man himself. A simple guitar line and an oddly placed piano line. Not quite sure how I feel about this one but hit play below courtesy of Complex and let us know what you think...

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[Watch] WZRD - "Teleport 2 Me" Live on Conan

With mixed reactions to their project WZRD, Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius looked to gain some new love with a visit to the late night TV slot of Conan O'Brien and while their they performed their single, "Teleport 2 Me". The rendition was pretty spacey with Cudi laying down a less than perfect vocal performance. Not quite sure what I feel about this project personally. I want to dig it but this doesn't help the case. What are you thinking of the release?

[Listen] WZRD - "Love Hard"

The project of Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius aka WZRD have offered up another cut from their anticipated LP which is set for release on the 28th of February. The track is titled "Love Hard" and is another rock orientated track with Cudi on vocal duty. See what you make of their effort below.

Whatever you feel about the project, we'll have a chance to soak in the entire project next week when WZRD drops on the 28th.

[Listen] Kid Cudi - "Dose of Dopeness"

As we await the release of the Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius collaborative WZRD album, Cudders has offered up some old music for fans. The previously unreleased track dates back to 2008 and is titled "Dose of Dopeness" and who'd of guessed it, it's produced by Dot! Stream it below courtesy of the good folk at Hypetrak.

WZRD's LP is set to drop on the 28th of February, that's a week today for those of you without a diary. 

[Listen] W Z R D (Kid Cudi x Dot Da Genius) - "Brake"

Following the announcement of his brand new rock outfit W Z R D it hasn't taken long for us to be treated to a preview of what's to come from Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius' project together. Title "Brake", this is most definitely a sit back, and melt into the sofa kind of jam. Some might call it stoner! Haunting guitar tones and a laid back vocal from Cudders. Give it a spin below and let us know what you think of his new project. I think this could be kind of cool, but time will tell as more previews make their way online.

[Listen] Kid Cudi - "To Da Top"

These kind of tracks seem to pretty common these days. Old new tracks if you catch my drift. Today we get to listen to a Kid Cudi track titled "To Da Top" and it's not the mans best work in all honesty. Generic as much as it strives to be different. I could listen to Cudders all day but I'm not feeling this track all that much. It is an old unused track though and his new new stuff is impressing so let's hope he keeps moving forward and does indeed reach 'da top' 'cos this track shows growth in a young career.

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