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[Watch] Mr. Fogg - "Tightrope" (Official Video)

We've posted a few bits and bobs from the Mr. Fogg this year. We saw the video for "Stay Out Of The Sun" and the countryside filled visual for "Sprint" and now we get the accompaniment for "Tightrope" which features on his album, Eleven. It's a bit of an unusual visual, it has a nice use of some headless dancers, and by headless I mean they have paper shapes for heads, and the cleverly placed brightly coloured lighting adds to the air of confusion and wonder. Put that together with the song and you have a great pairing that sit along side one another perfectly. See for yourselves above and go have a dance.

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[Watch] Mr Fogg - "Sprint"

Today we get to enjoy a great sounding new track from Mr. Fogg who you may remember we introduced you to not that long ago via the video for "Stay Out Of The Sun". Today we get the delicate twinkles from this little number called "Sprint" which comes accompanied by a nice video too. The video features footage of a recent trip to Iceland on which he recorded the aforementioned album with producer Valgeir Sigurdsson (Feist's Metals, Damon Albarn's Dr Dee). 

Once you've given it a listen get excited for more as his album, Eleven, is penned for release on the 4th of June.

[Download] Mr Fogg - "A Little Letting Go" (Maribou State Remix)

Its Friday, the weekend is here and chances are you're clock watching right now looking forward to a weekend of memories you've not yet created. It's fair enough really, but do you have a soundtrack yet? With the weather looking better and as summer approaches, the days get longer and this remix we have for you is the perfect mood setter and . It's a reworking of Mr Fogg's "A Little Letting Go" from Maribou State. Just what the doctor ordered if you ask me. Check it out below.

"A Little Letting Go" is taken from Mr Fogg's forthcoming second album, Eleven.

[Watch] Mr Fogg - "Stay Out Of The Sun"

Peep some lovely looking visuals from Mr Fogg for the track "Stay Out Of The Sun". The song, which is up for grabs as a free download on the official website, is a light offering. The piano led track pairs up with a big bass heavy beat and delicate vocal work to create a dream like scope of sound thrown together before opening up into a more synth heavy monster. The video follows a young woman going about her daily business before taking a rather unusual yet arty turn half way through. You'll have to watch the video to see what the end result is though! Enjoy.

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