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[Listen] The D.O.T. - 'Diary' (Full Album Stream)

I think we all were a bit bummed when Mike Skinner called an end to The Streets. That's probably why we've been a little antsy about getting hold of the second album from Mr. Skinner and Rob Harvey, previously of The Music. Under their moniker of The D.O.T, Next week they'll finally release Diary, but as is the norm these days, you can stream the album in full prior to release next Monday (May 6th) on Cooking Vinyl. Check out the record that mixes together a bit of this and a bit of that below via NME

[Listen] The D.O.T. - 'And That' (Full Album Stream)

After keeping a close eye on the Rob Harvey and Mike Skinner project, The D.O.T., today marks the release of their debut full-length titled And That. I'm currently on spin number three of the entire album and simply can't get enough of it. There's this delicate balance between Skinner's beats roughhousing with my ear drums and Harvey's vocals making a punching bag out of my heart throughout the course of the record that keeps me connected and in tune with their whole vibe in a way that I haven't felt about a new album in months. Not to mention that the subtle changes to songs like "And A Hero", "Like You Used To" and "You Never Asked" were all the right choices as they take the tracks to a whole new level.

Don't take my word for it, have a listen to the album in its entirety below. Make sure you grab it on iTunes if you like it.

[Download] The D.O.T. - "And A Hero"

On the heels of dropping his memoris about The Streets last week, Mike Skinner gave Annie Mac an exclusive download of a track from his new project The D.O.T. that he's doing with The Music's frontman Rob Harvey. The track, "And A Hero" clicks, semi-glitches and pulsates its way into your eardrums while Harvey beautifully belts until he gets ahold of your heartstrings. I cannot emphasize enough how powerful his delivery is on this track. Holy wow. He is really singing his heart out on this one.

For those of you across the pond, Mike Skinner will be playing a DJ set at AMP @KOKO on Saturday April 14th, so be sure to head out to that.

The D.O.T. also just posted a new video diary for March. You can check that out over on their website.

[Watch & Download] Scrooge and Marley (Mike Skinner & Rob Harvey of The Music) - "I Don't Want It To Be Me"

Mike Skinner aka The Streets drops his recent Christmas tune "I Don't Want It To Be Me" under the moniker Scrooge and Marley which features singer Rob Harvey of The Music. Harvey also recently featured on Skinner's latest single for The Streets "Going Through Hell". Check out the video for the song above and then grab yourself a free download below.

Scrooge and Marley - I don't want it to be me by The Streets