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[Watch] Vampire Weekend Debut "Obvious Bicycle" and "Everlasting Arms" Live

Last night Vampire Weekend played their first New York show in two and a half years. They promised that they would debut material from their upcoming album Modern Vampires of the City and they held true to it. During the Steve Buscemi-directed concert, the band debuted many new tracks including "Obvious Bicycle" and "Everlasting Arms." Watch performances of both of those songs below or watch the full concert here for a limited time today.

Leading up to the concert were some pretty amazing promo videos, which saw Steve Buscemi and Vampire Weekend getting to know each other while they advertise Modern Vampires of the City. The final two promo videos find the group at this year's Easter Parade in New York City and at Buscemi's Easter brunch. Check them out after the jump.

[Watch] Learn the Meaning of Easter with Vampire Weekend and Steve Buscemi

The saga of Steve Buscemi and Vampire Weekend continues, and this time we get not one but two promo videos!

The first finds Steve in the park with a friend, only to run into Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, and James Brooks, formerly of Elite Gymnastics. Watch as Steve gets denied when inviting her to Easter brunch. The second video is of that lovely Easter brunch, where Steve and the Vampires paint easter eggs and discover the spirit of Easter. Check them both out below, and if you haven't seen the previous episodes watch them here.

Vampire Weekend will be performing at Roseland Ballroom in New York on April 28th. Steve Buscemi will be directing the live webcast of the concert. The band will also be perfomring on Saturday Night Live on May 11th.

[Watch] Vampire Weekend and Steve Buscemi Go Bowling in their Latest Promo Video

Vampire Weekend and their new pal Steve Buscemi were last seen hanging out with New York mayor candidate Bill de Blasio, and now they're handing out flyers and going bowling. Their new promo video follows the awkwardly charming group as they pass out flyers on the train on their way to Melody Lanes bowling alley in Brooklyn. Once there, we learn quite a lot about these guys. First, Steve Buscemi is good at giving bowling advice but not taking it. Second, he does not respond well to quotes from The Big Lebowski. Check it out below.

Vampire Weekend is set to play New York's Roseland Ballroom on April 28th, which Buscemi will direct for a live webcast.

[Watch] Check Out Vampire Weekend's New Promo Video Featuring Steve Buscemi

This video made my day. Easily. Last month, Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio found out that he is a distant relative of Steve Buscemi, and the band hired him on to direct their upcoming April 28th concert at New York's Roseland Ballroom. This promo video sees Steve paying the boys a visit at the studio and the results are pretty hilarious. The awkward interactions between Steve and the band are priceless. Check it out below.

Vampire Weekend's third album Modern Vampires of the City is out on May 14th.