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[SKOA Christmas Premiere] Vesta - "The Voyeur"

Over the last year, Pittsburgh rock outfit 1,2,3 has has garnered the attention of the blogosphere as one of the most interesting and diverse surprises of the year. The band offered listeners a rock record that wasn't trying to create an identity for itself, it just wanted to give you ten awesome tracks that you'll want to listen to over and over. It was this carefree attitude that stood out the most on their debut album New Heaven, with each song evoking the passion and enjoyment that each band member had while recording it. It was simply an enjoyable album, one that you never wanted to put down; it was one of the bigger surprises of the year.

One of the best traits of 1,2,3 was the charisma and the positive attitudes of the band members, and this translates into incredibly fun music. Chad Monticue, 1,2,3's bassist and backup vocalist, has brought this exact attitude to his other band, Vesta, the project that was born out of the break up of Monticue's indie pop band The Juliana Theory. Over the past few months, Monticue and his bandmates Joshua Fielder, Josh Kosker and Justin Niedzwecki have been recording with the help of their friend and engineer Jonathon Gunnell. So far, the band are recording and perfecting a digital and vinyl set for release before summer of next year, with the song "The Voyeur" to be included on that album. According to Monticue, the track is a rough mix, but from the moment I pressed play, I was hooked. The song is our first taste of what the Pittsburgh outfit will offer up next year, and SKOA is proud to premiere "The Voyeur" on Christmas as a holiday gift for the SKOA readers and the 1,2,3 fans. The fantastic 'rough mix' of "The Voyeur" is available to stream and download for free below, and expect more coverage of Vesta and 1,2,3 in the New Year.

[SKOA Premiere] Vesta - "The Voyeur" by Some Kind of Awesome