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[$FREE.99] Yak Ballz - 'Gas Galaxy'

It's been nearly a year since we heard anything from Yak Skywalker who was releasing his new album Gas Galaxy track by track each month. But after several months of silence Yak has decided to drop his brand new LP for free. That's right, free. Take a listen to The Weathermen member's album below, co-produced by the homie Chapter 7 and features dope artwork by Oliver Cartwright as well as remixes by Lunice and Circuit Bored. Just some good hip hop for your weekend. Enjoy.

[Listen] Yak Ballz - "Hypetronic" (Prod. By Yak Ballz & Chapter 7)

Yak Biggallz returns with his latest single from his forthcoming album Gas Galaxy titled "Hypetronic" which was produced by Yak himself and Chapter 7. Unlike, the rest of the tracks released so far, this track is getting an official release as the album's premiere single and has been released as a maxi-single style EP on through Don’t Cry Recordings. The EP features a remix of the new tune by Mad Decent's very own Lunice and includes the instrumentals to both the original and the instrumental.

Take a listen to the original version of this quality banger below, then cop the EP which includes Lunice remix and instrumentals of both versions on iTunes today.

[Watch] Yak Ballz - "Zodiac Killer"

Yak Ballz is yesterday let loose as he puts it a great "summer track" by the name of "Zodiac Killer". Marked as the first official Gas Galaxy track it was produced by himself with some fine tuning from Chapter 7. Check i out for yourselves below and feel free to grab the downlaod below. (If the downloads have maxed out you can grab it over at where there's unlimited downloads.)

Zodiac Killer (Prod. by Yak Ballz) by yakballz

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[Download] Yak Ballz - "Youniverse" (Prod. by Yak Ballz)

Yak Skywalker returns with the 3rd installment of his Gas Galaxy album, with this months release "Youniverse." Apart from the other tracks released thus far, this marks the first track originally produced by Yak himself rather than Chapter 7 who is actually on the mix this time around. Yak states that he got into producing after the passing of his friend, the late great Camu Tao, as he states, "as another form of expression to somehow channel him and his creative vision musically." Grab this month's track in the player below and peep the artwork above, provided once again by Oliver Cartwright.

Yak Ballz - "Youniverse" (Prod. by Yak Ballz) by Some Kind of Awesome

[Download] Yak Ballz - "Mixtape" (Prod By Chapter 7)

Yak Ballz drops his second installment of the Gas Galaxy album for the month of February. Check out the South Korea deciated track "Mixtape" produced by the amazing Chapter 7 in the player below with artwork created by Oliver Cartwright. If you missed the first track from the series, "DSMU", head here to pick it up. 2 down 10 more to go. CCWM!

Yak Ballz - "Mixtape" (Prod. by Chapter 7) by Some Kind of Awesome

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[Download] Yak Ballz - "DSMU" (Prod By Chapter 7)

CCWM emcee Yak Ballz announced recently that he would be releasing his long awaited LP Gas Galaxy this year.  The only catch, is that the album will be a online only (for the time being( release via and Yak will release one new song per month. Yak states, "By the end of the year you will have the first phase of the album in it’s entirety.  Ultimately we will release it officially for purchase in the second phase with swagged out remixes and even more new songs."

Each song will be produced by Chapter 7 and each release will be accompanied by new and exclusive artwork by Oliver Cartwright; the man responsible for the art behind Yak's latest leaks, MachineThe Compass and the creator behind the innovative music video. Check out the first track of the year "DSMU" in the player below and stay tuned to and SKoA for more news on this upcoming release.

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