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#NewMusicFriday Guide - 04/15/2016

I wish I could explain to you how my big beautiful brain works when it comes to digging around to finding music. Just be thankful that I'm not afraid to waste a few hours of my day muttering, "This looks interesting! Why not give this a whirl?" before putting random things in my ears. This was a bit of a slow week in terms of new releases. I'm assuming because of Record Store Day that they opted to keep the awesome on the light side of things for the week. 

Don Diablo feat. Dave Thomas Jr. - "Silence" 

On the heels of the announcement that his label , Hexagon, has joined the Spinnin Records family, the homey Don Diablo dropped his latest track, "Silence" featuring Dave Thomas Jr on vocals (no relation to the Wendy's franchise, lol). It's been awhile since Diablo released something this downtempo. If his tracks are normally referred to as "bangers", then this song is most definitely a "stunner".  Oh yeah, go read my interview with him. It's very good if you want to get to know someone really dang awesome. 

Logan Takahashi - NoGeo

If the name Logan Takahashi sounds familiar, it's because he's one half of Teengirl Fantasy. It may also be because I included "Reckr" on this week's diSKOAver weekly playlist. Anyway, I happened to stumble across a preview of the album on Hype Machine last week. This record is very lovely and suits being on Ghostly International based on its subtle elegance. Just play the damn record already. 

Ours - "Stronger" (from the Transformers Roll Out Soundtrack

After their last full length, Mercy...Dancing For The Death Of An Imaginary Enemy was released in 2008, I kinda fell off with Ours. I enjoyed Jimmy Gnecco's solo record The Heart a good bit, despite not hitting up any of his Rockwood shows that I've seen in emails in the past year. Speaking of emails, I didn't know that this was going to be on the Transformers Roll Out Soundtrack until I got one about 2 hours ago. It's funny that this is coming to me 2 days after I geeked out spotting him at The Kills show at Warsaw.

Anyway, hi everyone. Jimmy Gnecco has a voice that should make him a household name. This is a good song. I know he's got some shows coming up at Rockwood soon. Sounds like I've got some advanced plans to make. 

Larkin Poe - Reskinned

Yay for Larkin Poe release day! Their single, "Trouble In Mind", was well received amongst those following along the diSKOAver weekly playlist. I haven't spent a ton of time with the record to tell you which songs are my favorite, but if you liked "Trouble In Mind", you aren't going to be let down in the very least. 

Mock Orange - "High Octane" 

If you are an aging emo kid like me, your brain is skimming over the name of this band and is going, "Wait, like that Mock Orange?" Yes, that Mock Orange. As a #teen I REALLY REALLY liked The Record Play. It would appear that with all of the constant reuniting happening that bands we loved a decade ago are feeling a little brave and are coming out of hibernation to see if the internet will help them relocate their old fanbases. I am not upset in the least about this with regards to Mock Orange. "High Octane" is super great and will get you all aboard the hype train for their upcoming album, Put The Kid On The Sleepy Horse, which is out on May 20th. ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT NEW MOCK ORANGE? I'm excited. 

Black Plastic - Black Plastic

Okay so I am going to do more reconnaissance after I wrap up this post, but this was a case of "awesome by association" because Kevin Grady aka Black Plastic is on Cleopatra, which is the same label as VOWWS. I'd actually be curious to hear what those kids would do if they all got together to work on things. Regardless, this has this twinge of industrial that sort of fills the void that Binary left when they broke up. I want to listen to this more before I give it a final verdict, but so far so awesome, you know?  

[Download] Shigeto "Bakers Blunt Basics" x Mux Mool "Morning Strut (Shigeto's Wakenbake Edit)"

The nice folks over at Ghostly International shot us over some awesome tunes for their upcoming artist Shigeto promoting his recently released an EP titled Semi Circle EP which is available now on digitally.

The Semi Circle EP, Shigeto’s first release for Ghostly International, is a deep, vividly beautiful suite of electronic music—the opening salvo of Shigeto’s ode to family, melody, and the art of the beat. Check out the single "Bakers Blunt Basics" below and the awesome remix of SKoA favorite producer Mux Mool's Morning Strut. Stay tuned for more Shigeto this summer and his full-length album in the fall.

1. Beginnings
2. There Is Always Hope
3. Eternal Life
4. Bakers Blunt Basics
5. Embrace The Cold

Shigeto - Bakers Blunt Basics

Mux Mool - Morning Strut (Shigeto's Wakenbake Edit)

[Review] Mux Mool "SKULLTASTE"

You may have seen Mux Mool's name on various compliations in the past. Mool's music has been featured on Adult Swim Bumps and even the TV show CSI: Miami. He has worked with alot of midwest artists (as he originally resided in Minneapolis before moving to Brooklyn, NY) like Big Quarters, P.O.S, and Prof and even indie acts like Destro, Pocket and The Lookbook. Now his full length debut album SKULLTASTE, released just yesterday on Ghostly International, will hopefully launch Mool into the position within the electronic community that is suited for someone with the amount of talent that he has. 

Kibbe and I sat down and had a few listens of SKULLTASTE, our two cents complete with our new official bottle ratings are after the jump. 


I remember I first heard of Mux Mool after listening to P.O.S' mixtape "Meat Tape Vol.2". This compilation featured alot of rocking artists but the stand out track on there was the track "Broadcasting" which featured local MPLS rapper Prof. After hearing the production, I had to hunt down the producer of the track. So through my search of "teh internetz", I discovered that Mux did the production on that track and also heard his Radiohead remix and fell in love ever since. Next thing you know, I'm buying his older works (The Drum EP, Just Saying Is All, Ghostly Swim and random tracks on compilations) and sharing them with Kibbe and got her hooked. A year later, Mux has finally releasing his debut album on Ghostly Internation and I have to tell you now, it was well worth the wait.

This album is one of the most unique electronic/alternative hip hop/instrumental album's we've heard. It has everything from 8-bit video game sounds to crazy vocoder hip hop beats. My favorite standout tracks are, Enceladus (which is very reminiscent of Daft Punk's Discovery album), Death 9000 (which is the beat used on "Broadcasting" with P.O.S. and Prof), the lead single Lady Linda, the fantastic electro 8-bit track, "Crackers" and the hip hop heavy beat, "Morning Strut".

From the awesome art that reminds me of Marble Madness to Tron and the great sounds of this album that take me back to playing NES and wanting to dance. What's there not to like about it? I do wish at times he had some features, but fuck it! Mux is showing off his chops and shown he has with Skulltaste. I honestly can't wait to see what else this guy has to pull from beneath his sleeve.

Rocko's Bottle Rating:



It takes something REALLY outstanding for me to neglect the presence of lyrics in an album or songs. Having said that, Mux Mool has sucked me into his vortex of mostly lyricless songs in SKULLTASTE in a way that I didn't think I could be sucked in. During the process of listening to the album for this review I have become borderline addicted to it (not in a FRESH POTS way, of course, but close). I fall in love with a new track every time I start the album over. I've actually even started the album over from different points in the album and let it repeat back around to that track to see if it makes a difference in how the album makes you feel. The album is so solid that I really think there doesn't have to be a clear beginning and end to it, you could essentially just keep it on repeat for a couple of weeks and not realize how long you've been enjoying it.

As Rocko mentioned, the sounds in this record range nicely within the electronic spectrum. The 8-bit sounds don't come off too juvenile sounding and the album isn't drenched in vocoder. While one may be the dominant feature in certain songs, Mool has gently incorporated everything in together well enough that you don't find yourself saying, "PHEW! Glad that 8-bit song is over! That was getting a little annoying." You just continue to enjoy the ride, one track at a time. My favorite tracks of the moment are "Enceladus", "Breakfast Enthusiast", "Lady Linda", and "SFW Porn".

Kibbe's Bottle Rating:


If you haven't already, go check out the Spinner website (here) this week to catch a listen to SKULLTASTE. You will not be disappointed.

SKULLTASTE is also available on iTunes.

Overall Bottle Rating:



Choir Of Young Believers To Tour US, Release "Claustrophobia" + Remixes

courtesy of Jason Williamson

Ghostly International will be releasing the third single on March 9, 2010 from Denmark's Choir Of Young Believers, entitled "Claustrophobia", from their release This Is for the White in Your Eyes released last August. 

Included with the release are remixes and covers from Sian Alice Group (The Social Registry) and Peter Silberman of The Antlers (Frenchkiss).

Last year, Denmark's Choir of Young Believers toured overseas with Mew and headlined their own US tour. In January, they headlined across the UK and continental Europe. This March, the choir arrive in America for a brief string of dates (including appearances at SXSW) in a four-piece lineup.

The dates are as follows:

3/10 New York, NY @ Union Hall 
3/11 New York, NY @ Pianos 
3/13 Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theatre
3/17 Austin, TX @ Red 7 (Terrorbird Day Party) 
3/17 Austin, TX @ The Galaxy Room Patio (KCRW Showcase)

Please enjoy the download below: 

Choir Of Young Believers "Claustrophobia (Peter Antlers remix)"