[Watch] Cee Lo Green - "Fuck You" x "Old Fashioned" Live on Later With Jools Holland

Looking rather dapper in an all pink suit here we have Cee Lo performing his huge hit single "Fuck You" which has taken the world by storm. When he first uploaded a lyrics video for the NSFW track taken from his album Ladykiller to Youtube it took less than a day to rack up over a million views. Yeah it's got the novelty of a load of obscenities, but it's also one of the catchiest feel good songs I've heard in a long time. This performance is a pleasure to watch and Cee Lo seems to be enjoying himself. As well as this Cee Lo graced us by performing another track from the album titled "Old Fashioned" which is a lighters in the air number and it's a lot more chilled out than the in your face FU. Watch it after the jump. Be sure to pick up the album when it's released on November the 9th after being pushed forward from its original December release date! Lucky us!

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