[Watch] Daft Punk - "Derezzed" (Official Video)


We thought we had the official video a while back with this track, turns out we were wrong! Check out this awesome new Daft Punk video for the first single from the OST for Tron: Legacy, "Derezzed". The track for me is a highlight on the album, if not for just being what you expect in a Daft Punk song. Electronic goodness throughout! Cool video with lots of Tron aspects and teases throughout. You also might get to see the face of the pair if you hold on long enough....or not. You'll have to watch to find out. Enjoy*! And don't forget to pick up the album that's released today!!


*After hours searching for a globally available video, I can still only find this one which is US only guys. Sorry. As soon as I find a global one I'll let you know and update accordingly.

Updated with a global video. Enjoy, EVERYBODY!


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