[Listen] Foo Fighters - "Miss The Misery" (Preview Clip)


With every passing day, Dave Grohl and his Foos string me along with little tidbits of info from the studio, play shows in cities I don't live in where people shoot video of new songs, and give Zane Lowe teaser clips like this one of "Miss The Misery" (below), all in anticipation of the grand unveiling of their upcoming album of analog awesomeness. While no official release date has been announced as of yet, one thing's for certain: EVERYONE ON THE SKOA STAFF IS DROOLING WITH ANTICIPATION. 

Do you love this or what!?!?

UPDATE: Apparently we should be expecting something in April as seen from the image above from FooFighters.fm!!! If you want to hear this clip on loop forever and ever, tune into 101.5 on FooFighters.fm! There are also fun little clips if you scan along the tuner. Very cool. We'll be keeping an eye on this for you to see if anything else comes up. 

UPDATE#2: Well that was fast, if you sneakily navigate to the Foo Fighters website (which now redirects to FooFighters.fm so you have to do a workaround), you'll see that they have officially announced that their new album is going to drop on April 12th, 2011. Holler!

Hat tip to @DevilForHire for the help acquiring release date confirmation!