[Download] Wavves - "Horse Shoes" Feat. Zach Hill

Man, if only all stoner's had this kind of productivity then the world would be, well a far more productive place! Not to say that all people smoke weed, but you know, Nathan WIlliams does. Anyway, check out yet another new track from Wavves, just days after we got "TV Luv Song", this time he's enrolled the help of Zach Hill on drumming duties and the dynamics work well.

The drums range from soft and gentle rolls, to piercing snare thwacks. Towards the end the fills and speed at which Zach is drumming paired with what sounds like some kind of organ sound, (Maybe a pedal of sorts?!), crescendos before coming to a chilled out stall once again. Finally the track builds once more, witht he bridge building towards another onslaught of rapid hitting, fast paced, thumping skins from Zach. Check it out for yourselves below and go from feeling calm and collected to having sporadic thoughts and a hectic mind set! These boys know how to make some noise! 

At this rate we'll have another track by the weekend, or that could just be wishful thinking...

Wavves - Horse Shoes (Feat. Zach Hill) by Some Kind of Awesome