[Listen] Linkin Park - "Wretches & Kings" (Remix) (Feat Get Busy Committee & Divine Styler)

Linkin Park are often up for the remix treatment and always have been with their use of samples and heavy beats paired with Mike's rap like attacking of the vox. Remember that nice Glitch Mob remix a few month's ago of "Waiting For The End". That was a humdinger.

Take a listen to this remix from Get Busy Committee & Divine Styler who have reworked their track "Wretches and Kings" which featured on their most recent album A Thousand Suns, and although the album picked up mixed reviews, this remix has some replay value and got me feeling kinda upbeat after a hard days work. It was also one of the first tracks we got a preview of from their album back in September and brought hope to the fans after a few weaker previews and releases. This remix does it justice too.

Check it out below, while you can. 

Linkin Park - "Wretches & Kings" (Remix) (Feat Get Busy Committee & Divine Styler) by Some Kind of Awesome