[Listen] Lupe Fiasco - "State Run Radio (featuring Matt Mahaffey)"

Lasers drops next week, but I have been waiting ever so anxiously for this song to surface that I can't help but share it with you! With a guest appearance that seems to have come completely out of left field, Lupe Fiasco has teamed up with Matt Mahaffey, who went from quirky rock frontman of the 90s band Self to one of the music industry's most talented jack of all trades. When I first learned of the collaboration I had no idea what to expect, as Mahaffey has been more behind the mixing board in the past few years instead of in front of it, but I couldn't be more pleased with how they managed to pull this off. I have to admit, I'm terribly curious how the two managed to start doing business together, but I am definitely glad they did. 
Check out "State Run Radio" below. 
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