[Listen] Ed Sheeran - "Small Bump" (Live on Jo Whiley)

If you're in the UK chances are you've been hearing a lot of Ed Sheeran, when I say this I mean if you listen to Radio One who have been championing his track "The A- Team" and rightly so. The young talent has spent years sofa surfing between gigs and built up a steady but solid group of fans in doing so. This year he will set off on numerous tours around the UK and is set to go from strength to strength. Let's get him some more fans prior to this though with some new music from him that he performed for Jo Whiley on Radio 2 the other evening.

He's set to release his highly anticipated debut album later in 2011 on September 19th. From what I've heard of it, it's a bloody good listen! Check out this possible cut from the album. Stunning. Props to The House Of Coxhead for the hookup.