[News] Patrick Carney: "Blakroc 2 is not coming out soon"

A sad, sad day indeed. Last month when a video of The Black Keys in the studio with a host of big toking rappers appeared online fans of The Black Keys and their 2009 release Blackroc were elated at the chance of hearing more music from the project. However in a recent interview with 92.9 Dave FM Black Keys' drummer Patrick Carney has said "Blakroc 2 is not coming out soon... there are no plans for that." Going on to say the video was distributed without their permission and is from two years ago. That'd explain Dan's beard as in recent months he's been rocking the clean shaven look. Fans can hope that maybe tracks will surface as they recorded "about eight songs" two years ago, but the album was never completed and is not likely to see the light of day. Watch the interview for yourselves at the top.

On a positive Black Keys related note, the new album is coming along nicely!