[Watch] Clock Opera - "Man Made" (Official Video)

Another wonderful looking visual from an even better sounding band. We've previously seen some magnificent work from Clock Opera for their tracks "Once and for All" and "Lesson No. 7" and today we get another thought provoking video for a track called "Man Made". The track is set to appear on their forthcoming LP Ways To Forget which drops on 9th April, 2012 via Moshi Moshi / Island Records.

The video see a young girl donning a Freddy Mercury 'stache, entertaining elderly folk with the aid of Pancakes. You read that correctly. The track itself is said to be based on a "450 page novel comprised of entirely cuttings from women's magazines from the 1960’s" with the lyrics for the track being made in a similar fashion! These guys are going to have a great year upon the release of the album,. I for one can't wait to hear it!