[Listen] Indians - 'Somewhere Else' (Full Album Stream)

Throughout the past year, Copenhagen-based artist Indians, the moniker of Søren Løkke Juul, wowed me (and I'm sure others) with his ethereal, electronic-tinged pop. With only a few songs under his belt, including "I Am Haunted" and "Magic Kids", he was able to expand his presence to the point of garnering the attention of numerous big name bands. As a result, Indians served as on tour support for Beirut, Other Lives, Bear In Heaven, Dan Deacon, Lower Dens, and more. Continuing this stream of success, Juul will be releasing his debut album later this month through 4AD.

Somewhere Else sees Juul extending his talents into 10 tracks, including "I Am Haunted" and "Magic Kids". The entire album entices you with its dreamy aesthetics, offering a soundscape full of gorgeous instrumentation and echoing, reverbed vocals. In the same vein as Bon Iver, Indians invites you to get lost in the forlorn beauty of his music. Stream the entirety of Somewhere Else below, courtesy of KEXP.