[Listen] Surfer Blood - "Demon Dance"

I'll admit, I wasn't as hot on Surfer Blood's latest single "Weird Shapes" as I wanted to be. Their debut album Astro Coast was excellent, a brash surf-rock record that I enjoyed every minute of. "Weird Shapes" just didn't hit the benchmark for me. It wasn't as carefree or reckless as Astro Coast. Interesting then that the band described it as "one of the most dynamic songs we've ever written".

"Demon Dance", the band's second single from their upcoming sophomore LP Pythons, embraces the same poppy veneer as "Weird Shapes", but in this case it seems to work quite well. The pop sheen is met with a barrage of fuzzy guitars, distorted vocals, and a quickened pace. Surfer Blood have got my attention again.

Pythons is out on June 11th through Warner Bros. Records.