[Watch] Dillon Francis - "Bruk Bruk (I Need Yo Lovin')" (Lyric Video)

Oh man, the lyrics to Dillon Francis' latest single, "Bruk Bruk (I Need Yo Lovin')"  were so complex that I was hoping he'd post them on the internetz and that he has in another hilarious lyric video (below). Just like his "I Can't Take It" lyric video we have more googly-eyed creatures singing to us, although this time it's more fire-related things and less junk food to play into his forthcoming EP, This Mixtape Is Fire, which drops on August 14th. There's many a collabo on this fiery mixtape, including (but not limited to): Calvin Harris, Chromeo, and Skrillex.

If pre-ordering is the name of your game, you can do so over on iTunes

(btw it's the internet and sometimes you can't detect sarcasm so I would like to take this moment to make sure you all know I was joking about not knowing all of the lyrics to this) 

Speaking of "I Can't Take It", Francis also recently unveiled the length docu-style video the song which he calls "Exit Through The Donut Hole" which is as delightfully entertaining and trollsome as it is weird, which is very on-brand for him. Definitely worth checking out if you have 15 minutes to spare for the lulz. 

My favorite follow on Snapchat is also hitting the road with Zedd, Madeon and the gang on Zedd's upcoming True Colors Tour so be sure to grab tickets while you can for that. 


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