[Watch] Nodaway - "Hairspray" (Official Video)

Photo: Zach Gray via 

Photo: Zach Gray via 

It's Friday which means it's time to put on some sparkly indie-pop jams and get to makin' out, fam!!! To help get the makeout party started, Nashville's Nodaway have unveiled their funtastic video for their latest single, "Hairspray", which comes from their recently released and oh so cleverly titled EP, 500 Days of Whatever. Nodaway is the brainchild of fellow Belmont University alumni Chris Jobe, who is blessed with the bragging rights for their soothing croonerific vocals, lyrics, and catchy electro-laced indie pop rhythms.

If you're into try before you buy, you can have a listen to their EP over on Spotify, but really just go grab it off Noise Trade because it's great and that's the right thing to do. 

Happy future Friday makeouts! 

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