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[SONG OF THE DAY] Husky Loops - "Let Go For Nothing"
Husky Loops at Elsewhere (zone one) on 3/5/2019

Husky Loops at Elsewhere (zone one) on 3/5/2019

Back in November I casually evangelized the wonders of London trio Husky Loops courtesy of some diSKOAver weekly loving. Since then some cool shit has happened for the fellas. On Friday the band has released a new offering unto us, “Let Go For Nothing”, a first taste of their forthcoming debut full-length Music That Makes the World Better, which is due out this summer. The piano-forward track showcases a softer side to the band than we’ve previously seen, all the while maintaining their experimental sound.

Earlier in the week the band also made their North American debut appearance at Elsewhere on Tuesday, which yours truly was in attendance and therefore can confirm for the rest of y’all that these dudes fucking slap. Their energy is insanely infectious. It was sort of impossible for anyone to sit still for too long.

In summary, if you don’t like Husky Loops then you’re dead wrong.

I’m not sorry, these are the rules.

If you happen to be heading to SXSW next week (unlike me who will be attending couch by couch west), please do yourself a favor and make it a point to go see these guys. You absolutely won’t be disappointed.

Also buy them some BBQ and margaritas on my behalf.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Summer Heart - "Buckle Up"
Summer Heart @ Knitting Factory on February 21, 2019. credit for all photos in this post: William Helms, The Joy of Violent Movement

Summer Heart @ Knitting Factory on February 21, 2019. credit for all photos in this post: William Helms, The Joy of Violent Movement

On Thursday night Brooklyn got some much needed summer sunshine when Swedish sweetie Summer Heart kicked off his east coast tour with analog animal Brothertiger. He kicked off the night with my gateway drug to the world of Summer Heart, “Pretty Haze”, rounding out the night with his latest track (and last song of the #12songsofsummer series), “Buckle Up”. It was a packed crowd full of people who were dancing like it hadn’t snowed earlier in the week, additional layers be damned. With this being my first time catching him, I had hypothesized that there would be mainly two types of attendees at a Summer Heart show and I totally nailed it: there are folks who 1)- happily dance and sway basically the whole time and 2) - those who choose to stand on the sides of the stage, head in their hands while resting their elbows on the stage, who just swoon and sing along in their own version of a pretty haze.

Side note: if there were an award for Musician With The Most Infectious Smile the dude David Alexander would win all day every day. His joy performing is infectious, making the whole experience even more enjoyable than you thought it could be.

East coast fam def don’t miss this tour. Dates below for your convenience. 💖



Feb 23 Norfolk, VA - Charlie's American Café

Feb 24 Greenville, SC - Radio Room

Feb 26 Atlanta, GA - 529 bar

Feb 27 New Orleans, LA - Gasa Gasa

Feb 28 Houston, TX - Continental Club

March 1 Austin, TX - Barracuda

March 2 Dallas, TX - RBC

March 3 Tulsa, OK - Chimera Lounge

March 5 Kansas City, MO - Riot Room

March 6 Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen

March 7 Bloomington, IN - The Bishop

March 8 Columbus, OH - Spacebar

March 9 Pittsburgh, PA - Cattivo

March 10 Philadelphia, PA - PhilaMOCA

Biffy Clyro Announces North American Tour

Oooo shit yes your girl is having a Biffy Birthday™️! After dropping a phenomenal album last year, the fellas are coming to the states with O'Brother to melt our faces off. 

ickets go on sale at 10am local time this Friday, January 13th here: BIFFYCLYRO.COM/SHOWS

Who's gonna come sing along with me and Sprout at Irving Plaza!? 

Time to start practicing your air drumming and sing-a-longs! 

Biffy Clyro 2017 US Tour Dates

03/24    Las Vegas, NV             Vinyl @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

03/25    Phoenix, AZ                 Crescent Ballroom

03/26    Los Angeles, CA          Belasco Theater

03/28    San Francisco, CA       The Fillmore

03/30    Seattle, WA                 Neptune Theatre

03/31    Vancouver, BC            Vogue Theatre

04/01    Portland, OR                Hawthorne Theatre

04/04    St. Paul, MN                Turf Club

04/05    Chicago, IL                 House of Blues

04/07    Detroit, MI                  St. Andrews Hall

04/08    Toronto, ON               Phoenix Concert Theatre

04/09    Montreal, QC             Café Campus

04/11    Boston, MA                  Paradise Rock Club

04/13    New York, NY              Irving Plaza

04/14    Philadelphia, PA          Theatre of Living Arts

04/15    Washington, DC          9:30 Club

[Night Out] Monarchy, Her @ Highline Ballroom (11/06/2016)
Monarchy @ Highline Ballroom 11/06/2016

Monarchy @ Highline Ballroom 11/06/2016

🎶 Finally it has happened to me right in front of my face. 🎶




Yes I know they played at Highline Ballroom in 2012 let's not get into the reason why I was not in attendance for that or this update will get weird really quickly. 

ANYWAY. This has been a long time coming for me. I remember back in July 2010 getting my watermarked copy of Around The Sun. I've been enamored ever since, anxiously awaiting the day that I would finally get to experience such amazingness live. 

You'd think with that kind of buildup that I was setting myself up for failure, but y'all know I don't invest an insane amount of energy into bands that don't deserve it. Every second was electrifying. I couldn't keep my eyes off of them because I was so excited this was finally happening. I probably shouldn't have spent so much time snapping photos, but this is an unfortunate side effe of trying to pass along to the internet why a band is worthy of more than just a few stray micropennies. 

I hope Monarchy can come back to the states more often. It sounds like their little tour over ehre went well. After that experience I'm now going to daydream of what their performance would be like in Beacon Theatre, which has officially become my benchmark of when I'll stop incessantly trying to "make Monarchy happen" in the US. You have been warned. #sorrynotsorry 

Oh oh! A pleasant surprise was French duo Her opening for Monarchy that night. Their single, "5 Minutes" was delivered to me by The Algorithm™️ (Discover Weekly) a few months ago and I quite enjoyed their set. Part of me would love to see them collaborate with Mayer Hawthorne or someone of that funkability. I think they definitely have something to offer audiences in the US. 

Gotta say, I'm kind of glad I'm just getting to writing about this show because the past month has been kind of rough from a personal standpoint and reliving this night is taking me from ❤️ back to 💖, which is how I'd best describe how my heart feels after seeing a band I love live. 

What was the last show you saw that really moved you? 

[Night Out] Jesse Ruben @ Gramercy Theatre (04/18/2016)

Holy crap, I know what Jesse Ruben looks like not performing at any of the multiple Rockwood Music Hall stages now! After releasing his latest single, "This Is Why I Need You" late last year, the homey is gaining momentum at a nice pace. In addition to hopping about on The Hype Machine charts, he's also been romping around in Europe over the past couple of months playing shows.

Last week, I got to see him charm the pants off of a crowd in Gramercy Theatre that was very eagerly waiting to see American Idol season 8 winner Kris Allen. Jesse is charming as fuck, let's be very clear on this. Fortunately he's as talented as he is charming. Dude had that crowd wrapped around his little finger by the end of his set. There was even a nice swarm of fans, presumably old and new, lined up to meet him after the show. I guess I'm normally navigating to one of the bars to get more wine when this part happens at Rockwood, so it was adorable to finally witness. 

Don't worry though, I know how to make sure to keep Jesse feeling humble. All I had to do was pretend to be one of the overzealous future #teen fans that will inevitably fall for him and want to add him to their Snap stories. He did not know how to handle that at all, lolol. Fam is a little skittish around social media, but I will break him into it, best know. 

[Night Out] VOWWS, Night Club, & Winkie @ Baby's All Right (04/16/2016)


As you may or may not know, SKOA has been long time supporters of the glorious gloomy duo that is VOWWS. We've endured all the name changes. We reluctantly watched them pack their bags and head to LA, where they finally hit a nice streak of luck that they rightfully deserve. Now we also make sure to show up every time they're in NYC and wave our figurative pom-poms in support. This time I even brought home made chocolate chip cookies for them. Gotta make sure the kids are eating on tour even if it's just cookies!

Swear to god, the day this all finally comes together for them (which it most certainly will), I'm going to be that mother in every movie ever dabbing her eyes with with a handkerchief blubbering about how proud I am of them. It hasn't even been that long since the last time we saw them and already they're infinitely tighter than I've ever seen them. They also managed to look even more like they just left the after after party in hell. I mean this in the most loving way possible, obviously. 

Not only did our prodigal children come home to Baby's, but they brought a couple of their fun friends from LA with them! Night Club were super retro-dancetastic and fun, although I do worry about singer Emily Kavanaugh's knees from all that sliding around. Hopefully she took her own advice and got some knee pads. 

It was also very nice of Brooklyn's Winkie to spend some time out of the graveyard that it seems they've been living in to come open the show. Sprout was particularly enamored with singer Gina's black veil, which we learned courtesy of Instagram that it was made possible by Brooklyn designer Amy Lehfeldt. I forget that all the gloomy kids didn't abandon us for Los Angeles. I will have to make it a point to see Winkie again very soon. 


[Night Out] The Kills @ Warsaw (04/13/2016)

Ugh. Alison Mosshart, please be my best friend. Like, don't listen to anyone else on the internet who wants you to be their best friend. I mean, you played a show on my birthday, so clearly you are already being a thoughtful future best friend. (Thanks bb!)

Gotta say, there's a very specific type of stylish person that likes The Kills and I was awkwardly not in that majority. I can't imagine wearing a leather jacket to a show, let alone wearing a leather jacket to a show full of people who are also all wearing leather jackets. It was very warm in there, but also You get what I mean. 

I have now seen my future best friend in both of the active bands that she's in. Not gonna lie, as badass as The Kills are, I like the energy that Jackie White can pull out of her when she's working her Dead Weather magic. I think it's mostly because when you watch her and White singing/shouting in each other's faces you can't tell if they're about to punch each other or make out. The Kills are just more subtle with their awesomeness, I suppose.

Speaking of awesomeness, I spotted so many fantastic humans at this show. Almost immediately once I was through the doors at Warsaw I practically knocked over Jimmy Gnecco from Ours. I also had the pleasure of observing Josh Homme playfully booty dancing with some gal pals of his before accidentally tripping Anthony Bourdain as he exited VIP. If my memory serves correctly they all adhered to the leathered dress code that I didn't know about. *Sigh* Whatever. 

Friendly reminder to one and all that The Kills are dropping a new record in just a few months. If "Doing It To Death" and "Heart Of A Dog" are any indication of what's to come, Ash & Ice is going to slayyy forrr dayssss. June 3rd hurry up already! 

[Night Out + Interview] Austere Magazine Issue #17 Launch Party featuring Sam Lao @ Roll Gate Studio (04/09/2016)

Remember that "not #squad but gang" I rolled with to Humans? The majority of those crazy kids were all Texans who are part of a really beautiful magazine called Austere. They trekked out to Bushwick all the way from Dallas to throw a party for the 17th issue called URL/IRL, which HELLO is kind a little too fitting for yours truly to attend. In addition to various pieces curated together by Baby Art Gallery, one of my (now) new favorite experimental hip-hop artist, Sam Lao, also from Dallas, performed that evening. 

Do you know Sam Lao? You should know Sam Lao. Especially if you're the type at person that feels you should never take shit from anyone who tries to discriminate against you for your race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. and that we all should be treated equally as humans. 

I'd say she champions for equality, but really she's a feminist warrior. I was made known of this within the first 2 minutes of her set when she opened with the first track off her latest album, SPCTRM, "Reminder (Bitch I'm Me)", when she shouted the chorus, "Bitch I'm me! Bitch I'm me! Fuck what you want me to be!"


In addition to being a singer/rapper, Lao touts herself as an alchemist, artist, and an outlier. She started out doing slam poetry in high school, which soon ended after she started college for her BFA in Visual Communications. Unfortunately, during her last semester in college she was forced to drop out because she couldn't afford tuition. "I was a month into the semester," she recounted, "I had already done the first project and I was getting ready [to graduate] and they were like, 'Nope you gotta get out. You haven't paid for it.'" Frustrated by her financial situation, this setback would leave her depressed to the point that she removed herself from all of her creative outlets. "I was doing nothing creatively and it was just like soul wrenching and terrible".

It was through the help of her friends in the music community that Lao was able to pull herself out of her depression by turning to music.  "I always had a love for music but I never felt like I was good enough to pursue it," she explained, "It was just one of those like, 'Oh I'll just keep this little hobby here for myself and it makes me happy." Through some persuasion, she agreed to start writing in the studio with her friends. "[My music] just sort of blossomed from there." she said. In 2013, she released her first EP, West Pantego, to further pull herself out of depression. 

According to Lao, the city of Dallas really took to the EP. "Suddenly I was performing all the time, I had all these shows and people were stopping me at random places [while I was out] to tell me how much they loved my music," she recounted, "So when it was time to make [SPCTRM] there was suddenly pressure there that wasn't in the beginning. That was a process to overcome. There was a lot of perceived outside pressure."

Just as she was wrapping up SPCTRM last fall, an unfortunate event that happens all too often to musicians happened to her: she lost her entire album due to a hard drive crash. "We were in the final mixing and mastering stages when I lost all the tracks," she explained, "Everything was gone. All I had was my lyrics." Over the course of the next 4 months Lao would remake her album from the ground up, complete with new beats and new music. 

While her music is deeply rooted in hip-hop, Lao experiments mixing in various genres of her choosing. She's sampled Carlos Santa, Coldplay, and other artists in her music. "I like to listen to all different genres of music, so experimental hip-hop is a good sphere/little bubble there [to create in]," she said. Lyrically, she writes mostly about the experiences of women and the situations that the majority of women frequently endure. Songs like, "Pineapple"  defiantly remind men that women aren't entitled to womens' bodies with lyrics like, "Don't police my areolas!", while a track like "Gold Link" calls out the absurdity of how taboo it still is for a woman to hit on a man while out at a club. While the subject matter may be forcefully feminist, according to Lao, she typically receives an equal amount of praise from both men and women after her performances. 

I'm not sure when Sam Lao will be back in New York City but you can be assured that when she's back that you will be the first to hear about it. 

Have a listen to her latest album, SPCTRM, below. 

You can have a look at the photos from my night out with the latest addition to the #SKOAfam, Sam Lao, below.