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[SKOA Presents] Beats For Daze #1

Sup everyone! Your friendly neighborhood Rocko here bringing you a new project that I've been working on for the past week or so while I was gearing up to head to the bay area this week. So lemme give you a little back story, as i've been working on the Some Kind of Mixtape series with the rest of the awesome crew here at SKoA and getting super obsessed with compiling artist/producer playlist on Spotify (username: somekindofrocko. I know cheap plug.) I wanted to do something of the sort for the readers of SKoA that wasn't just contributing a few new tracks every month. So I hit up The Kibbs aka Kibbe and said, "YO I GOT DIS PROJEKT I WANT TO DROP FOR ALL THE FLY HUNNIES OUT DER" cuz I talk like that and she was like "That sounds like a super awesome idea", in her best Rock Mama voice. Note: this was all done over AIM so i'm just making shit up. But anyways after a few days of tinkering, coming up with art designs and shit, the series Beats For Daze was born.

Much like the fashion of the SKoA monthly mixture, I (and hopefully some awesome guests) will be dropping a mixtape roughly around the middle of each month of some of my favorite headnodding tracks, some classic, some freshly off the grill. So without further ado, hear is the first installment in the Beats For Daze series. I originally tried mixing the tracks together like an actual DJ session but didn't hit the expectation I was looking for. See: FAILURE. But I hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed compiling it together and I hope you also discover some new artists that you haven't heard before and go out and support their shit. Because without support, how are they supposed to make more dope shit? Sell drugs? Maybe.

So on this month's installment we got classic tracks from The Budos Band, Dan The Automator's Lovage, RJD2 and pre rave/mainstream Calvin Harris and for the new shit we got tracks from recently released albums by Blockhead, Flea, Alchemist, Jeremiah Jae produced by Flying Lotus, Vacationer (thanks whoever put me on to them in a session) Dark Time Sunshine and more with the addition of some unreleased tracks. So click on the artwork above to kick this session off. BTW keep a close eye on the artwork as it will change monthly and has some nice little easter egg type shit in it for video game/comics/entertainment and music lovers alike. Enjoy!

[Listen] Curren$y - "Full Metal" (Prod. by Alchemist)

Last week we got to listen to a brand new track from New Orleans rapper, Curren$y, who had also just announced the release of his new project Covert Coup on 4/20, when else! The album features input from Prodigy, Freddie Gibbs, Smoke DZA and Fiend to name a few. And yesterday right on queue with just a week to go before the album gets released we get another track to give a listen to in anticipation. This track is titled "Full Metal" and it's a little different from the last cut we sampled, "Ventlation". Check it out below via Prefix and don't forget he releases Covert Coup on 4/20! I keep reiterating the date because I know how you smokers can be. When's it out again?

[Download] Cypress Hill - "Pass The Dutch" (Feat. Evidence and Alchemist)


First and foremost, HAPPY 420 Day EVERYONE! How did you guys enjoy your wake and bake? So I was thinking what better way to start off this day by giving you some brand new Cypress Hill. This sticky joint, "Pass The Dutch", is off the groups newly released album Rise Up, which released today. Dilated Peoples' MC Evidence and producer Alchemist join The Hill in explaining good social smoking etiquette. Check this banger out and go pick up Rise Up today!

Cypress Hill - Pass The Dutch (Feat. Evidence and Alchemist)