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[Listen] SebastiAn - "Love In Motion" Feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Skrillex’s Funkt-out Mix)

Seems like an Ed Banger kinda day with the surfacing of 2 tracks featured in Busy P's Fall preview mix from earlier this month. You already heard the brand new Justice track "Helix" and now thanks to The Music Ninja you can check Skrillex's remix of the SebastiAn x Mayer Hawthorne collaboration "Love In Motion" from SebastiAn's debut album Total. Make sure you pick up this awesome little release which is now available on Beatport.

[Listen] Busy P Previews New Music From Justice, SebastiAn & Mickey Moonlight on Ed Banger Mix

Ed Banger Presidente, Busy P takes to his blog to announce some upcoming releases for the year's end and drops a sweet preview mix which features a new song "Helix" from Justice as well as Para One's remix of the upcoming single "Audio, Video, Disco", a Skrillex remix of SebastiAn and Mayer Hawthorne's "Love In Motion" and new music from Mr. Oizo and Mickey Moonlight. Peep the mix below and the announcement from P after the jump.

Dear friends,

4 more months before we say good bye to 2011.I am pleased to announce you some of the music we will release on Ed Banger records in the next few weeks.First, let me go back to what we’ve done so far this year…

Yes we slow down the tempo (again) with releases from CASSIUS and SEBASTIAN. We also kept it disco with BREAKBOT, even stadium disco with JUSTICE. And for those who don’t know, we partied like it’s 1995 with CARTE BLANCHE. What else ? We offered you SEBASTIAN’s frst album “TOTAL”, my very first mixed compilation with my best friend DJ MEHDI “Let the children techno” and I hope some party you’ll remember.

Let’s talk about the future now. We’re about to released an heavyweight 12″ from MICKEY MOONLIGHT just before sharing his first album this fall. “Close to everything” deserved the best, Trevor Jackson offered us a PLAYGROUP remix soon to be classic… Our friends from SF, THE MARTIN BROTHERS went breakdancing with Axel Foley and delivered one of their best remix ever! Mickey Moonlight is on fire, he just remixed JUSTICE new single “Audio, Video, Disco”

Talking about JUSTICE, Yes yes the boys are back in town. Their new album “Audio, Video, Disco” is scheduled for end of October 2011. We’ll release the new single “Audio, Video, Disco” with remixes from Marble’s superstar PARA ONE and label partner MICKEY MOONLIGHT, One for the club one for the pub.
The DSL borthers are also ready to unleash their first album for Ed Rec, watch the “Supalove” video and put your dance shoes on!

So you think we’re not banging anymore ? eat this! MR OIZO “Douche Beat” the first single from “STADE 2″ his new album should be on your stereo very soon! After SKREAM and NERO, Ed Rec journey into UK bass continues, L.A beat blaster SKRILLEX just remixed SEBASTIAN “Love in Motion” and the result is dangerous… have a listen after the jump.

No it’s not finish yet! One of the oldest Ed Rec artist is back with a new single KRAZY BALDHEAD “Surabaya girl” will be perfect for to start 2012 Planet Mu’s TROPICS & Club Cheval’s MYD on the remixes, Ed Banger killing you soflty

That’s all folks (for now) 2012 here we come!



[Watch] Hear A New Track From Justice's Upcoming Sophomore Album

While performing at L.A.'s HARD Summer 2011, Ed Banger co-head Busy P gave electronic fans a special surprise by playing a track from Justice's as-of-yet-untitled sophomore album, which is due out later this Fall. The track, titled "Audio, Video, Disco," is the only taste we've gotten of the new album, other than the first single "Civilization," of course. The performance also features some awesome background effects courtesy of visual mastermind So Me, so check out the performance in the player above.

[Listen] SebastiAn - "C.T.F.O." Feat. M.I.A.

Check out another new tune from French electro artist SebastiAn's upcoming debut Total titled "C.T.F.O." (Chill The Fuck Out) featuring former Diplo friend M.I.A. I gotta admit, I was highly excited to hear that SebastiAn and M.I.A. were collaborating but after listening to the track I was left rather disappointed. The production on the track is pretty cool, but a little repetitive and boring for someone like SebastiAn and M.I.A.'s contribution isn't anything special (read: dull) as you get the feeling that this track should been left for her most recent lackluster LP /\/\/\Y/\.

However, don't let this track stray you away from SebastiAn's LP as there are waaaaay better songs like the album's current funky single "Embody" and other tracks like "Love In Motion" which features SKoA favorite Mayer Hawthorne, "Hudson River" and the funky electro banger titled "Yes" as well as the previous released singles "Motor" and "Ross Ross Ross". Take a listen to M.I.A. collab below and let us know what you think in the comments, then click here to check out Ed Banger labelhead Busy P.'s track for track review of the album.

SebastiAn's Total drops May 31st on Ed Banger Records.

[Listen] Justice - "Civilization" (Demo)

Speaking of Justice, here's another track off the Ed Banger Record Store Day release The Bee Sides. Check out the demo of Justice's return single "Civilization." The demo version is pretty much a stripped down version of the finished product with piano in place of the trademark synths and samples and unfiltered vocals. It's a pretty awesome look into Justice's working process. Peep it!

Justice - "Civilization" (Demo Version) by Some Kind of Awesome

[Listen] Breakbot - "Fantasy" Feat. Ruckazoid

Okay lets kick this Sunday Morning off right! Sorry for our absence yesterday, however, it was Record Store Day and we were out and about supporting our local indie record shops as you should be everyday of the year ;). So lets get into hearing some of the RSD spoils we came across. 

A few days ago Jaymo & Andy George sat in for BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac and played an exclusive tune from Breakbot and Ruckazoid titled "Fantasy" from Ed Banger's RSD release The Bee Sides. This track definitely brings that old rollerdisco feeling back with Ruckazoid putting down some Michael Jackson-esque Off The Wall era vocals. The track is a certified banger in my eyes but don't take my word, listen to the track in the player below and judge for yourself.

Ed Banger definitely are hitting all the right notes with their releases like SebastiAn's funky tune "Embody" and Justice's return single "Civilization." Can't wait to hear more from the label in the coming year.

Breakbot - "Fantasy" Feat. Ruckazoid by Some Kind of Awesome

SebastiAn's Debut LP 'Total' Release Date, Tracklisting Revealed

A couple of days ago, we posted the official video for French DJ/producer SebastiAn's brand new track "Embody," the first single from his debut LP Total. Today, the official release date and tracklisting for the album have been released. The album is set to be released on May 30th, via Ed Banger Records, and boasts a whopping 22 tracks! The album also features a guest appearance by M.I.A., who lends her unique style to the track "C.T.F.O." Look forward to the release of Total in may, and after the jump you can check out the entirety of the tracklisting, as well as what Ed Banger founder Pedro Winter (Busy P) has to say about SebastiAn.

"Some say he is the dark side of Ed Banger records, I certainly know he likes it, and I must say I agree with that. But I also believe that Sebastian created what people call the Ed Banger sound. Today he is pushing it that little bit further..." - Busy P


1. Hudson River

2. Love in Motion (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)

3. Tough Games

4. Embody

5. Ross Ross Ross

6. Fried

7. Kindercut

8. Water Games

9. Total

10. Jackwire

11. C.T.F.O (feat. M.I.A)

12. Cartoon

13. Arabest

14. Prime

15. Mean Games

16. Tetra

17. Motor

18. Night

19. Yes

20. Bird Game

21. Doggg

22. Frustra

[Listen] MGMT - "Siberian Breaks" (Ed Banger All Stars remix)

MGMT have released a new remix from their amazing 2010 album, Congratulations, for their song "Siberian Breaks". The track was remixed by the Ed Banger All Stars which consist of Busy P, So Me and Breakbot can be purchased at The 10 minute long track breaks off into 3 parts which begin with a nice ambient and folky vibe, then switches into a nice disco dance vibe and closes with an electronic fury (which I feel doesn't really fit at all, but thats my opinion). Check out the below and then if you dig it, you can grab it at the link above or by clicking the $ button on the player below.