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[WATCH] Husky Loops - "Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me (Official Video)"
still from the “Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me” music video

still from the “Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me” music video

Husky hunnies have returned to share the video for their latest single, “Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me”, from their forthcoming debut full-length, I Can’t Even Speak English, arriving on August 16th. The video is a blatant nod to The Verve’s 1997 classic, “Bittersweet Symphony”, a personal all-time favorite of Danio Forni. Whereas with “Bittersweet Symphony” singer Richard Ashcroft defiantly stomps down the street with people on the street reacting to being bodychecked by him, in the Husky Loops update Danio is met with an onslaught of resistance as he attempts to stroll down Peckham High Street in the middle of the night. Shot in one take, the video features collaborators and old friends including Joy Anonymous, MEI and niceboy. We also eventually see the rest of the band make an appearance near the end of the video.

I’ll admit, it’s mildly upsetting to watch people give Danio so much shit. Eventually you’re like, “Damn leave the dude alone already!” 😂

Oh PS - if you follow the band on Instagram they’ve been sharing some behind the scenes footage as they wrap up I Can’t Even Speak English. Yer girl got her ears on like 10 seconds of the previously mentioned track, “Fuck Me Naturally” and I am all the more eager to get my ears on this record.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Husky Loops - "Everyone Having Fun Fun Fun But Me"
photo credit: Henry Gill

photo credit: Henry Gill

Oh happy day! Husky Loops are back and they brought a MOOD along with news about their forthcoming debut full-length. The new track, “Everyone Having Fun Fun Fun But Me” is the anxiety laden anthem I didn’t realize was missing from my life until it hit my eardums. Throughout the song frontman Pier Danio Forni essentially walks through the ways that anxiety can take a toll on your life. The chorus is a bit of a snapshot of the frantic thoughts that swirl through an anxious mind. Ironically enough I find repetitiveness of the chorus to be really relaxing. Dis why I fux with Husky Loops. Clever clever lads.

“Everyone Having Fun Fun Fun But Me” is our second taste from their debut LP, I Can’t Even Speak English, which will be out on August 14th courtesy of Fighting Ourselves / 30th Century Records. The album title is obvi a nice little chuckle at their own expense, given that the now London based band grew up in Italy. Tracklisting and artwork for the album is below. Gonna be honest, REALLY CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT A SONG CALLED “FUCK ME NATURALLY” SOUNDS LIKE.

I Can’t Even Speak English tracklisting

  1. A message from Lily to a friend – Intro

  2. Good As Gold

  3. Yes I Know What I’m Gonna Do

  4. Temporary Volcano

  5. Enemy Is Yourself

  6. Let Go For Nothing

  7. The Reasonable Thing

  8. Slippin’

  9. A Little Something

  10. FredAgain_niceboy – Snippet

  11. Fuck Me Naturally feat. Mother MaryGold

  12. Everyone’s Having Fun Fun Fun But Me

  13. Joy (Outro)

[SONG OF THE DAY] Husky Loops - "Let Go For Nothing"
Husky Loops at Elsewhere (zone one) on 3/5/2019

Husky Loops at Elsewhere (zone one) on 3/5/2019

Back in November I casually evangelized the wonders of London trio Husky Loops courtesy of some diSKOAver weekly loving. Since then some cool shit has happened for the fellas. On Friday the band has released a new offering unto us, “Let Go For Nothing”, a first taste of their forthcoming debut full-length Music That Makes the World Better, which is due out this summer. The piano-forward track showcases a softer side to the band than we’ve previously seen, all the while maintaining their experimental sound.

Earlier in the week the band also made their North American debut appearance at Elsewhere on Tuesday, which yours truly was in attendance and therefore can confirm for the rest of y’all that these dudes fucking slap. Their energy is insanely infectious. It was sort of impossible for anyone to sit still for too long.

In summary, if you don’t like Husky Loops then you’re dead wrong.

I’m not sorry, these are the rules.

If you happen to be heading to SXSW next week (unlike me who will be attending couch by couch west), please do yourself a favor and make it a point to go see these guys. You absolutely won’t be disappointed.

Also buy them some BBQ and margaritas on my behalf.