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[SONG OF THE DAY] Miami Horror - "Restless"
photo credit: Leo Volcy

photo credit: Leo Volcy

oooo this summer just keeps getting steamier by the minute y’all!

Melbourne indie rockers Miami Horror have returned after a two year break with a new track, “Restless” along with an accompanying music video. The guys are trying on this like sultry lo-fi 70s vibe and if someone would be so kind as to point me where to get my hair feathered and pick up my shorty shorts so I can just live in this moment for as long as I can hold onto it that would be greeeaaatttt, mkay?

The music video for the song fits well with the 70s vibe as we follow along with some folks from all walks of life coming together in an attempt to learn to play tennis. Obviously there’s some crushing going on between a pair of students that gradually intensifies because this song is def about to be the soundtrack to future makeouts far and wide.

No word on if this is a set up to a full-length or a follow up EP to The Shapes, which has me feeling a little…..restless (sorry), but I have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear from Miami Horror this summer which pleases me greatly.

[Night Out] Miami Horror @ Bowery Ballroom (1/22/2016)


Thanks to weather dot com Sprout and I knew that the stupid blizzard was going to start taking a dump on the city during the show, so sadly first Bowery show was bffl-less. :( 

BUT! THE! PARTY! DID! NOT! STOP! Australia's Miami Horror could not have been a better band to catch last night before hibernating and riding out this shitstorm of a blizzard.

If it were possible to harness all of the energy inside of Bowery Ballroom last night I am fairly certain that we'd be dealing with flash flooding because all of the snow in New York would melt instantly. That's not even bringing the audience into the equation, who were equal parts dancing their asses off and trying to keep an eye on singer/guitarist Josh Moriarty, who couldn't hold still to save his life. He and fellow vocalist/keyboardist Aaron Shanahan made sure that all who were going to be enduring slushy snow covered streets left the show in such a happy hypnotic state that they'd barely be able to notice the unfortunate inclement weather. If Moriarty was climbing up on the upper balcony, then Shanahan was squatted down in the middle of the crowd literally commanding everyone to get down. 

As I sit here typing away I think of the girls in front of me that asked before the band came on if it'd started snowing yet because they wanted to go out after the show. I should've had my camera ready to record their reaction when I recommended going home to records, wine, and fuzzy socks. It was the most beautifully disgusted pair of faces I've ever seen. I don't blame them though. It was hard not want to keep the dance party going. 

Also, completely off topic: of COURSE Miami Horror are Australian. This explains my obsession with their latest album, All Possible Futures. Have you heard this 1 hour and 2 minute collection of non-stop party vibes? BEST GET ON IT! 

CATCH THESE GUYS ON TOUR ASAP. SERIOUSLY. DON'T BE STUPID. GO. GO. GO. Coachella is your last chance if you live in the US. 

You're welcome in advance. 

#skoaradio 11/14/2015 liner notes
"Kibbe, aren't you posting these liner notes kind of late?"

"Kibbe, aren't you posting these liner notes kind of late?"

I'm late to getting this up. Sorry. Clearly from the amount of posts I've done so far today I'm trying tog get caught up. It's a nice problem to have with 3 fire shows in a week being the root of not being able to get #content out on time.

Anyway, this is going to be the last time I put together a separate playlist for the show. That's right, from now on you'll have to scramble to pull the songs from a playlist that I'm going to be changing on the regular. This is mutually beneficial because it will force me to get these out sooner rather than later so you can snatch up the goodies I share with you.

Hope you're having a great weekend fam!



Read these things and get smarter okay?

Feel free to grab this playlist, obvi.

#SKOARADIO 07/18/2015
me going through all the new music this week

me going through all the new music this week

Oof. Really stoked for this show and because I submitted it late it was a little borked airing. You didn't even get to hear the last two segments. :( All good though! There's always next week (not to mention the podcast that will be attached to this show shortly). But yeah, trying to get back to digging out those little diamonds in the rough that I enjoy supporting. Plus HELLO NEW KENNA!! *praise hands emoji* A lot to be excited about. Expect more posts in between this show and the next with more info on the bands we're featuring.

As always feel free to let me know what you thought of this week's show either by dropping a comment here or hitting me up on Twitter.

Until next week!





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