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[Watch] Cedric Bixler-Zavala joins the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group (Live @ SXSW)

Well, well, well what do we have here, it's only the Omar Rodriquez Lopez Group playing live at Fitzgerald’s in Houston during last SXSW madness in Texas. Cedric Bixler-Zavala also joined the band onstage only fuelling the rumours that the new Mars Volta album is complete and ready to give our ear drums a good seeing to. Adding with the announcement of The Mars Volta playing Sonisphere Festival this July I think that rumour is almost a definate. Enjoy the performance up at the top courtesy of Music For Perfect People.

[Listen] Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - "Casate Colmillo"

As you can tell we are really excited this week being music week for SXSW. We are also excited to see this talented musician live as well, Mr. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta. Next month, Omar will release a quadruple LP / double CD collection  from his multiple solo and collaborative albums that he's released over the last year titled Telesterion. This track is a bonus track found on the compilation and is taken from the yet to be released album The Somnambulists. Check out the tune "Casate Colmillo" in the player below.

The Mars Volta have recently completed recording their sixth studio album and are set to showcase their new tunes with an exclusive performance at this year's Sonisphere. Can't wait for the new stuff!

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - "Casate Colmillo" by Some Kind of Awesome

[Listen] Hear 2 New Albums From Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez Lopez

Forever busy, Omar Rodriguez Lopez has just released another 2 albums. One full studio and one Live album Recording of the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group which was recorded over 4 Nights in September 2010. The studio album is entitled Mantra Horishima and the live recording takes on the name どういたしまして or in English You're Welcome. You can purchase the albums over here on Omar's site. He's not asking for much, just $4.99 for You're Welcome and $6.99 for Mantra Horishima. You can donate as much as you like though and as he puts it "it all goes toward financing this habit." And if more artists had a studio itch like Omar a lot more material would be out for us to enjoy. Check out a few tracks below to wet your appetite.

[Listen] Omar Rodriguez Lopez - 'Cizaña De Los Amores' Full Album
I seriously have to tip my hat to Omar Rodriguez Lopez, he doesn't stop. Like seriously if all artists had this mans work ethic the world would be a far better place. No body would show up late for work, no one would miss deadlines, everyone would have all assignments done before they were even given! I can't get over it, does he have the ability to stop time and to us nothing seems to have happened but he's been sat in a studio creating another masterpiece?! Anyway another full album stream is up courtesy of Sargent House over here. The album Cizaña De Los Amores is up for digital download now followed by a European release next week on the 18th followed by the US on November 8th. Check out the opening track, "Soledad Y Silencio", from the album below.

Omar Rodriguez Lopez - "Soledad Y Silencio" by Some Kind of Awesome

[Listen] The Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Tychozorente (Full Album)

I don't think Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez Lopez ever stops working and putting out music. Which I don't mind at all because that guy is amazing. Omar recently released a new album via his bandcamp page titled, Tychozorente. This album is different compared to his previous efforts which feature him jamming away on guitar.  Actually, there isn't any guitar on this album as Omar is now handling duties on Programming and production of this electronic masterpiece. 

He also brings along singer/songwriter, actress Ximena Sarinana Rivera to provide vocals for the album. Check out the album stream below and then make a minimum Donation of $6.99 to purchase the album. But as Omar states on his page, "please feel free to Donate as much as you can spare. All profits will be given to the fund to make more music. That's how it works."

<a href="">Tychozorente by Omar Rodriguez Lopez</a>

[$FREE.99] Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quartet Featuring John Frusciante - "Sepulcros De Miel"

Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and former Red Hot Chili Pepper's guitarist John Frusciante are back at it again. This time bringing Omar brother Marcel Rodriguez Lopez and Juan Alderete De La Peña along for the ride forming the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quartet. Omar and John previously released a joint album "Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and John Frusciante" back at the beginning of May. That album as well as their newest is FREE to anyone who would like it, however, there is also the option to donate any amount you like for the album and all proceeds will go to a fund that we have set up to support the "Keep Music In Schools" programs. Not bad, huh? Good music for a good cause. Listen to the album below and grab it here.

<a href="">Part I by Omar Rodriguez Lopez</a>

[Download] Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez Lopez & Ex-Chili Pepper John Frusciante's New Album

Check out the first of two collaboration albums between Omar Rodriguez-Lopez [The Mars Volta] and John Frusciante [formerly of Red Hot Chili Peppers]. This album is a FREE download in any file size you like. There is also the option to donate as well, any and all money donated will go to benefit to “Keep Music In Schools” programs. Support good music for a good cause! Check out the stream of the album below and more info here.


1. 4:17 am (03:25)
2. 0=2 (03:52)
3. LOE (04:41)
4. ZIM (03:55)
5. VTA (03:48)
6. 0 (04:11)
7. 5:45 am (04:57)

<a href="">4:17 am by Omar Rodriguez Lopez</a>