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[SKOA Mixtape] "Love to Love U" - Sexy Songs for Valentine's Day Mix from SproutDr

With Valentine's Day approaching the sexy beasts here at SKoA want to spread some love to our fellow freaks in the sheets.

We are creatures. Sensual, enigmatic, primal creatures who are happily motivated and aroused by textures, sound patterns, and colors. "Sexy times" with oneself, a partner, or perhaps even an orgy (oh behave! ....or don't) may summon your inner mixtape making master to create the ultimate come-hither soundtrack. Here's an inviting peek into some salacious tracks that may stir your wanton soul.

So don't make me beg (or do if that's your thing) you to listen to my list of eargasms. Go ahead get turned on and be my Valentine.

XoXo Sproutdr XoXo

[Watch] Poliça - "Warrior Lord"

Poliça will soon be releasing their highly anticipated album Shulamith and in preparation of that they've offered up the clip for "Warrior Lord". I seriously couldn't listen to their last album Give You The Ghost and from what I'm hearing of this new one, it's certain to deliver a punch of gentle thought-provoking wisdom. If you're like me and can't get enough of Channy Leaneagh you're in luck as the band will be playing this week on Later... with Jools Holland. We'll post the clips from their performances in the week when they appear online but until then enjoy the new song and video below. 

Shulamith is set to be released on the 22nd of October.

[Listen] Poliça - "Chain My Name"

For the first taste of what we could expect from new Poliça material we got the superb Justin Vernon featuring "Tiff". We now have even more goodies to enjoy. A far more upbeat and energetic song titled "Chain My Name", which still holds all the aspects we've come to expect from them. Beautifully warped vocals, soaring synths and well put together melodies. Get your dance on and hit play below.

Shulamith is out on the 22nd of October. 

[Watch] Poliça - "Tiff" Feat. Justin Vernon (Official Video)

I absolutely loved Poliça's debut album, Give You the Ghost, and was very happy to hear they're planning a follow up later this year. A taste of what to come from that arrived earlier in the year in the shape of the Justin Vernon featuring "Tiff. The video sees Channy Leaneagh torturing herself in a basement somewhere. Yeah, you read that correctly. She beats the crap out of herself. It is pretty graphic and features some breaking bones, water boarding and all out brutal treatment. It's the kind of beatings that make my toes curl. Watch it above, but you have been warned.

Their sophomore album Shulamith is due out this Autumn via Mom + Pop

[Watch] P.O.S. Perform The New Tune "Bumper" For's City of Music

What a great start to the morning, i literally just rolled over and opened my laptop and BAM! The perfect start to any day, BRAND NEW P.O.S.! That's right P.O.S. is back and is debuting a new tune on's City of Music titled "Bumper" from his forthcoming 4th LP We Don't Even Live Here dropping this fall on Rhymesayers. This live performance of "Bumper" features Doomtree associate DJ Plain Ol Bill and 2 drummers from Polica and takes me back to P.O.S. first single "Drumroll" from his last album Never Better and just destroys. I can't wait to hear this on his next tour but let me shut up and allow you folks to enjoy the music.

If you are looking for more new P.O.S., check out his collaboration with Boys Noize artist Housemeister on the track "Weird Friends" which is also rumored to appear on P.O.S.' upcoming album. "They on some nonsense, we on some nonstop."

UPDATE: Check out studio version of "Bumper" as well as the artwork and full tracklisting to We Don't Even Live Here below which features Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon, Ryan Olson of Polica and Gayngs, Housemeister and Boys Noize as well as the rest of Doomtree. The new album is set to drop on October 23rd on Rhymesayers. Pre-order the album here which comes with a free download of both the studio and live version of "Bumper". Get ready. 

01 Bumper
02 Fuck Your Stuff
03 Where We Land
04 Wanted Wasted
05 They Can't Come
06 Lockpicks, Knives, Bricks and Bats
07 Arrow to the Action - Fire in the Hole
08 Get Down
09 All of It
10 We Don't Even Live Here (Weird Friends)
11 Piano Hits

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[Watch] Poliça - "Wandering Star" (Official Video)

Poliça's Give You The Ghost has been floating around for quite some time and it's still getting heavy play on my end, how about yours? Whatever, the band have now uploaded a nice looking visual accompaniment for their great track, "Wandering Star". It's an interesting and entertaining watch. It starts of simply with an elderly woman sat in a loft before dancers appear from the walls and serenade the woman via modern dance. It's kind of odd really. Spot Lady Gaga if you can... I mean, you can't miss her on a day to day basis anyway but it's a nice non-cameo from her in the video. Dance your troubles away courtesy of Poliça above.

[Watch] Poliça - "Amongster"

After being turned onto Poliça I simply can't get enough so when I saw a new video pop up online I was happy to click through immediately to Spin to watch. Maybe I should have been a little less hasty in my rapid click response as the video contains quite a few creepy-crawlies. I'm not saying I don't like little critters, but watching whilst guzzling down some food may not be the best idea, just a little FYI. Their LP Give You The Ghost is a glorious listen, so if you like this maybe go check it out. Their video also features a little bit of flesh, just a heads up as it is early!