[Watch] Arcade Fire's KROQ Acoustic Session

Arcade Fire are on top of their game after a huge year in 2010. A critically acclaimed album last year in the form of The Suburbs earned them the number 2 spot on our top albums of 2010, and rightly so. With them set to appear at the Grammy's on Sunday, they performed an acoustic set for KROQ which you can check out the footage right here. The band are also set to play an all ages 'surprise' show tonight in LA in preperation for the awards ceremony on Sunday. So if your in the are keep your ears and eys peeled for details of that. In the mean time check out why the band are so highly regarded in a live setting in the acoustic set for KROQ. Check out "Month of May" up at the top and "Ready To Start" after the jump. Surprisingly it's not too different from their live shows yet none the less goosebump worty.

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