[Download] Theophilus London - "Field of Dreams" (Prod. By TVOTR's Dave Sitek)

The dynamic duo of TV on the Radio guitarist/Maximum Balloon producer Dave Sitek and indie rapper/singer Theophilus return with a brand new track titled "Field of Dreams." Much like the duo's previous collaborations "Groove Me" from the Maximum Balloon self titled debut and "Wine + Chocolate" from last year's EP from TL, A Lovers Holiday, "Field of Dreams" carries that signiture electronic dance sound with London dropping his melodic rhymes.

The track was cut from London's upcoming LP Timez Are Weird These Days but according to Pigeons and Planes, the track may appear on London's upcoming mixtape Prince TL dropping this fall. Timez Are Weird These Days is set to drop in 2 weeks on July 19th, check out the first single "Last Name London" out here.