[Listen] Muse - 'The 2nd Law' (Full Album Stream)

One week before it's set for release and we have the brand new album from Muse to enjoy. Titled The 2nd Law there's been a lot of talk online since that video got posted, you know the one with the dubstep sound which turned out to be a track titled "Unsustainable". We also got to preview it in the shape of Olympic track "Survival" and the first official single, "Madness" recently. The full package contains a mixed bag of songs ranging from the aforementioned dub track to funk filled romps in the shape of "Panic Station" to U2 sounding odes in "Big Freeze". Since The Resistance in 2009 we've known Muse like to push themselves, heck that album had a 3 part symphony  slapped on the end so we always knew they weren't going to hold back. This album is also a lot to take in so enough talk, you can stream the album below via The Guardian

If you'd like to enjoy a chat with the band who are asking everyone to hit play at 8pm GMT, then use the hashtag #AskMuse on Twitter and ask away.

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