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[News] Queens of the Stone Age detail new album: '…Like Clockwork'

Unless you spent your weekend under a rock, you'll of seen the internet blow up when our friends over at Antiquiet broke the news of the new Queens of the Stone Age album along with some tantilising snippets of some tracks. The album is titled …Like Clockwork is due out in June via the band’s new label, Matador Records. exciting.

Regarding the release, the ginger giant known as Josh Homme has said it's an "audio documentary of a manic year." I for one cannot wait to hear some full tracks. On the release we can expect guest spots from Dave Grohl on skins, Alex Turner, Trent Reznor, Sir elton John, Joey Castillo, Nick Oliveri, Mark Lanegan, Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears, Jon Theodore and James Lavelle of UNKLE. 

The album itself was produced by the big man Homme and recorded at Pink Duck Studios. So, get excited. I know I've had a perma-boner since Friday due to the excitement. I should probably go and see a doctor about it.

[Watch] Alex Turner - "Strange" (Patsy Cline Cover) Live on Triple J

Over the years we've seen and heard Arctic Monkeys perform an array of covers and I have no doubt that this month is going to see a couple more hit the internet given Arctic Monkeys' Schedule. First of 2012 comes via WAWSTSF with Alex dropping into the studio of Triple J to cover Patsy Cline's "Strange". Alex's simplistic vocal and guitar work ever so well with one another and the performance itself is viewable at the top. I give it less than 10 days until we have another weird but no doubt wonderful cover from the Sheffield boys. Place your bets.

[Watch] Arctic Monkeys Visit KEXP For Acoustic Session

Alex Turner is a long way from home nowadays, or should I say he's making a new home for himself in America, and who could blame him. Gone are the days of singing about bouncers at Sheffield clubs and in is the 50's hair cut and sunglasses indoors vibe. Arctic Monkeys have grown into a chart topping band that deliver album after album and recently because of this, Alex visited KEXP for an acoustic session of some new Arctics' tracks. Alex delivered performances of "Reckless Serenade" and "Suck It And See" before finishing up the intimate session with "Love Is A Laserquest". Thanks to our friends over at One Thirty BPM for the heads up on this little beauty which can be enjoyed above and after the jump.


[Watch] Alex Turner Plays Two New Arctic Monkeys Tracks Unplugged

With the new Arctic Monkeys album just weeks away we've had a fair few previews of what's to come on the album already. Whether it be from official videos, or performances on numerous TV shows. Not to mention that surprise Big Weekend set a few weekends back. Today we have another Arctic Monkeys flavoured treat for you to digest. Frontman Alex Turner played an unplugged few tracks for radio station, 102.1 The Edge

First up for you to sit back and enjoy is the album's title track, "Suck It And See", and then after the jump you can watch the fantastically named, "Love Is A Laserquest". Both these two tracks feel mellow and slower compared to the Arctic Monkeys of yesteryear but from the previews we've had it's what we've come to expect.

Suck It And See will hit stores on June the 6th, and it is a great listen. With the dark guitar tones and echoes we got to know on Humbug, paired up with bursts of frantic drumming and bass lines familiar to the workings on Favourite Worst Nightmare, I think fans will be pleased. These unplugged renditions should tide you over for another week though. Hat tip to Twenty Four Bit for the heads up on this.

[News] Josh Homme To Feature On New Arctic Monkeys Album, 'Suck It And See'

If you're and avid Arctic Monkeys fan or Josh Homme fan you may be aware that Josh helped produce a few tracks on the Arctics last album Humbug. The album had the tell tale mark of Josh's hands all over it. The haunted guitar lines and echoes thrown in with weird time signatures and eerie key changes. It was quite frankly pretty damn good! In an interview with Q the band have let out that Josh had a hand on their hugely anticipated album Suck It And See. Josh lends his lungs to the track "All My Own Stunts" which we'll have to wait until June to hear, unless the band feel generous and give us some more full length previews before the release date. 

According to Alex the album is a little different to what we'd normally expect from the band, and this is coming from him after the band left fans divided with the release of Humbug. In the same interview, Alex said that they "wanted it to be song-based this time...We used to always try and not go down that route before, because it had been done. But there's a reason why they're the classic structures." So maybe his song structures in his EP for Submarine will be a little preview into the methods and stylings the band and Alex are going for in the new LP? Only time will tell. (via NME)

[Watch] Alex Turner - "Piledriver Waltz" (Video)

Late last week we had an influx of Arctic Monkeys/Alex Turner related news. We also got to listen to the entire EP from Alex that he wrote for the film Submarine. Today why not take a peek at the video for the standout track on the EP, "Piledriver Waltz". The video sees the stars of the film in an old school type of grainy film. Check it out for yourselves and head on over here if you missed the EP the other day. Not long until new Arctics material now either! Exciting months ahead for the Sheffield boys.

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[Listen] Alex Turner - 'Submarine' Soundtrack

Long gone are the days of getting a 20 minute train to Sheffield with my friends to catch Alex Turner and the Arctic Monkeys playing tiny shows to a handful of people, giving out CD's at the back afterwards. My original copy of their demos is still lying around in my collection somewhere, a little worse for wear no doubt given how much I used to play it. And rightly so that the boys have done good and now are a force to be reckoned with, raw energy at the live shows and Alex's story telling skills have developed even more so from the roots of talking about drunken nights out in sunny old Yorkshire. Less than a week after seeing the brand new video from Arctic Monkeys for the track, "Brick By Brick" we have a taste of Alex's solo work that he wrote for the film debut of Richard Ayoade (of The IT Crowd fame), Submarine. Below you can hear the intro and after the jump the rest of his tracks are up for listening. 

Alex's soft voice backed by acoustic guitar on a few tracks with poppier drum beats added to others, it shows promise for the young songwriter who hopefully this year will complete work on the Arctic's fourth LP (rumour has it, it may even have already been completed with "Brick By Brick" coming from nowhere, homecoming gigs and festival slots in the Summer). Check out the tracks for yourselves below. A hat tip to TwentyFourBit for finding "Piledriver Waltz" leading to this little discovery of the whole EP in the early hours. Let's hope we get more music from not just Alex but the rest of the guys soon. Enjoy the EP, for me "Stuck On The Puzzle" stands out but it could just be the drum intro and Arctics feel to it. Should comfort the people worrying that he's lost his way with the words and still is a great modern poet.

"Stuck On The Puzzle (Intro)"

"Hiding Tonight"

"Glass In The Park"

"It's Hard To Get Around In The Wind"

"Stuck On The Puzzle"

"Piledriver Waltz"

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[Listen] Hear Samples From Arctic Monkey's Alex Turner's 'Submarine' Soundtrack

Alex Turner of The Arctic Monkeys isn't one to sit still for too long in between releasing 3 Arctic Monkeys albums in 3 years and touring the world relentlessly he teamed up with his god friend Miles Kane of The Rascals a few years go and released an album under the name of The Last Shadow Puppets. Now he's found time in between writing the fourth album with Arctic Monkeys in LA, to score the soundtrack to the new film, Submarine. And this morning to kick off your week we have a preview teaser of the soundtrack below. Take a listen to it below and start your week off like every week should be started, with some fresh new music. Hat tip to MyIndieSite for the preview and if you want to check out the film you'll have to wait until the 18th of March when it hits Cinemas in the UK.

Also if you missed the brand new track from Alex and the rest of the Sheffield boys done good titled "Brick By Brick" then head on over here. No official word of when their fourth album will hit the shelves but if the new track and progression on their last album is anything to go by, get excited.  

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