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[#SKOA30] Day 8: A Song You Hadn’t Heard In Ages But Heard Recently

Man I hate that this one’s gotta be simultaneously such a bop and a bummer,

I can’t remember the last time that I heard Phoenix’s smash hit, “1901” from their Grammy award winning album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. There was a period in time after the single hit back in 2009 that I thought I was never going to stop hearing it. It was in car commercials, at sports games, in every bar. It was literally everywhere I went. But then it gradually trailed off. I guess that’s what *checks notes* 10 years passing will do.

At any rate, it had been at least a year since it had last graced my ears.

And then I heard the tragic news about the world losing Philippe Zdar, whose production genius was instrumental in that record’s success. Now I feel like I’m back to hearing it once a day again. I’m trying to figure out if I’ve been taking this song for granted and it actually never went away, or if everyone’s taking a moment to celebrate one of his many masterpieces. Either way, it’s been quite bittersweet to bob my head to this since he passed.

[Recap] Um, A Lot Of Music Just Dropped Out Nowhere Today
me trying to keep up with how many songs just keep falling out of the sky today 

me trying to keep up with how many songs just keep falling out of the sky today 

lol remember when the RIAA was so proud of themselves 2 years ago because we all agreed on a global release day and we went from #NewMusicTuesday to #NewMusicFriday worldwide? 

lol lol lol #tbt to that cute idea according to Foster The People, Phoenix, HAIM, and Fall Out Boy. 

In an attempt to make your life easier so you don't feel as frantic as I do right now, here is a recap of what just the fuck dropped: 

Foster The People - III

Well this was a nice surprise! Earlier today Foster the People released 3 new tracks globally before bundling them as a cutie lil EP called III. Apparently these are off an upcoming 3rd album that's going to be dropped this summer. No other info there, but they did unveil some tour dates which you can check over on their website because I'm tryna make this update quick and dirty and don't feel like copying and pasting. 

Phoenix - "J-Boy" 

Another album announcement! Another solid jam! Phoenix just unveiled their lead single, "J-Boy" off their forthcoming album, Ti Amo, which will drop on June 9th. This is glittery and summery af, but not quite punchy enough for the coveted title of Song Of The Summer. I will still be drinking in the sunshine to this regardless. 

HAIM - "Right Now" 

If you have been waiting 4 long years for new HAIM music then you best stop everything and peep this video RIGHT NOW. This comes from their just announce upcoming album, Something To Tell You, which drops on July 7th. 

Fall Out Boy - "Young And Menace"

So here is a Fall Out Boy song that I believe would be better suited as a Patrick Stump song than a Fall Out Boy song but it is still pretty dang good. The track follows yet ANOTHER album announcement. You ready for this name, y'all??

It's called

M A  N   I    A

Yes, spaces and all. I don't know either. Bless these dudes. But yeah the record drops on September 15th, so we have plenty of time to get this fucking spelling right. That all said, props to the guys for the video, which features a glimpse into a fictionalized characters somewhat-hard-to-watch home life that tries to escape a home riddled with domestic violence. 

SZA - "Love Galore (feat. Travis Scott)"

LAST ONE (I think?)! SZA also after keeping her fans anxiously waiting for music from her upcoming album CTRL has finally dropped another morsel today for everyone to savor, "Love Galore" featuring Travis Scott. It's been said that CTRL will be the next project released on TDE but other than that there's  not much else we know. 


#skoaradio 10/03/2015 liner notes
If you don't like music you can't sit with us.

If you don't like music you can't sit with us.

It's chill af in NYC today. Literally. Like I'm having a hard time getting out of bed because I like my feet not being popsicles. I am writing this whilst I am still in bed. That said, the chill means that all the glorious fall albums are under way and CMJ is quickly approaching. I've also been on a steady streak of shows lately, which I will get up ASAP for you to see and be jealous of me. I'm also working to backdate all the show notes I kept saying I was upping and then rage quit because as you can see below these posts are intense as hell, you guys. OH WELL IT'S WORTH IT BECAUSE I LOVE DOING THIS!

Enjoy this weeks jams and be sure to grab the Spotify playlist below if you want to keep this mix around. As always, I'd love to hear from you so feel free to drop me a tweet and let me know what you thought of this week's show.



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[Watch] Phoenix Go Big for their 21-minute "Take Away Show"

A couple of weeks ago, we got a tease of Phoenix's full "Take Away Show" with a performance of "Entertainment" at the Palace of Versailles. Now, the full 21-minute session for La Blogotheque is available, and it's pretty epic.

Things kick off with a humble rendition of "Bourgeois," performed on a commercial flight flying over the Alps. Then, we are once again treated to their performance of "Entertainment" at Versailles before moving on to "Trying To Be Cool," charmingly sung in a boat on the calm waters of Neptune's Bassins. The short film finishes with a beautiful acoustic version of "Countdown" taking place in a quiet garden.

From the sky to the ground to the water, Phoenix never cease to amaze. Watch it below.

[Watch] Phoenix Performs "Entertainment" at the Palace of Versailles

Despite its jaw-dropping beauty, the Palace of Versailles in Paris is a grandiose, egotistical reminder of absolute monarchy. Phoenix, however, have taken to the storied location to evoke the simple beauties of music rather than flaunt its magnificence.

As part of La Blogotheque’s "Take Away Show" the Parisian band performed an acoustic version of "Entertainment," the lead single from their new album Bankrupt!. With sweeping aerial shots and a bright, sun-soaked backdrop, the performance is quite stunning. Watch it below.

Next week, La Blogotheque will release another video of Phoenix performing at Versailles. Ironically, it will be of the song "Bourgeois." Check back next week for more.

[Watch] Check Out Phoenix's Full Set at Lollapalooza

More Lollapalooza goodness for those who weren't able to attend the famed Chicago festival! We were treated to a full set from Queens of the Stone Age earlier today, and now you can watch the full hour and twenty-three minutes of Phoenix's performance. They tore through their new album Bankrupt! as well as their breakthrough LP Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, all the while sprinkling highlights from United, It's Never Been Like That and Alphabetical throughout. Check out their well-paced, energetic set below.

[Listen] A-Trak Remixes Phoenix's "Trying To Be Cool"

The Phoenix remixes keep on coming. After the band released the stems for each song from their recent album Bankrupt!, other artists and producers have been tinkering and reworking to their heart's content. A-Trak is the latest to issue his take, this time on the track "Trying To Be Cool." He layers bright synths beneath Thomas Mars' vocals, only to amp it up with a rising crescendo and a burst of club-ready percussion. Check it out below.

[Watch] Check Out Phoenix's Live Video for "Trying To Be Cool"

Phoenix take inspiration from the Rube Goldberg, one-take antics of OK Go, setting up an elaborately shot live video for "Trying To Be Cool." The band partnered with The Creators Project and the CANADA collective for the project, with the latter taking the director's helm. They pieced together a video that sounded stressful from its very conception:

In addition to a genius live performance of the track by the band, the video also sees two film crews tackling the impressive task of continuously swapping shots every twenty-five seconds. While one camera shoots, the other prepares the next shot; like a relay race, the cameras must pass the baton to each other to begin the next shot once twenty-five seconds are up, meaning if each camera is not set up, the video itself cuts to black. And if this isn’t pretty awesome in itself, the film crew and band are also, well, trying to be cool — each shot tops the excitement (and, sometimes, the absurdity) of the one before it. The resulting video, chock full of sparklers, confetti canons, fake money, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, motorcycles, fake mustaches, and much much more, is unlike any you’ve ever seen."

Check it out below.