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[Download] Scroobius Pip - "Let Em Come" (REDUX Feat. Sage Francis, Metermaids & Cecil Otter)

Just two days ago we got to witness the cool concept video for Scroobius Pip's follow up to "Introdiction", "Let Em Come". Both tracks feature on his upcoming album Distraction Pieces which is set to drop on September 19th. This remix comes from Strange Famous Records and three of their affiliates: Sage Francis, Metermaids & Cecil Otter. FOr those who may not of know, Cecil is the mastermind behind the awesome Wugazi project and he made the beats here. Download it for yourselves below courtesy of Strange Famous Records

Pre-orders are available now for you guys and I'd advise you do it after giving it a couple of listens last night it is goign to be getting some heavy playback on my iTunes. Big beats and riffs paired up with Scroob's social commentary and digs works phenomenally well.

  Let Em Come REDUX (Scroobius Pip, Sage Francis, Metermaids, Cecil Otter) by Strange Famous Records

[Watch] Scroobius Pip - "Let Em Come" Feat. P.O.S. and Sage Francis (Official Video)

Last week Scroobius Pip posted a huge thanks to his fans for the amount of views his track "Introdiction" had got and promised us all a new vid if we helped him break the 200K play count. Guess what? WE DID. Offered up here is his brand new track "Let Em Come" which is set to feature on his highly anticipated solo album Distraction Pieces. Following up strong this track features P.O.S. and Sage Francis, it's a banger! Scroob's lyrical genius shines through and is complemented well with this collaboration. The video depicts three girls playing their respective alter egos of Pip, P.O.S. and Sage and what looks to be a very messy night on the town. Check it out at the top.

The album is set to drop on September 20th and it can't come a minute sooner! Pre-orders are available now for all you eager beavers.

[News] Scroobius Pip To Release Solo Album Featuring Sage Francis, Zane Lowe, P.O.S. & More

This came as a curve ball for a Thursday afternoon. Scroobius Pip has announced his solo album Distraction Pieces on September 19th on Speech Development. Don't fret though in case you're wondering about his old partner in crim Dan Le Sac, they'll begin work on a new album in the new year so before that take a look at the album deets.

With the help of producers Yilla and Worgie he's roped in cso colaborations from some big hitters. The album will feature Renholder (aka Danny Lohner NIN / A Perfect Circle), Richard Russell (XL), Steve Mason, Sage Francis, P.O.S. Zane Lowe, B Dolan and Aupheus. Th ealbum is said to be a collision of Punk, Rock and Hip Hop influences. If you want to be all up on this, and who could blame you, he'll be appearing with new live band at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on 18th August! Be there.


[Download] Sage Francis - "Three Sheets To The Wind" (Dan Le Sac remix)
Check out this nice remix of Sage Francis track "Three Sheets To The Wind" by Dan Le Sac. If you're unfamiliar with Dan Le Sac he's the less hairy half of the awesome Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip. This is a solid remix that I will be adding to my pre party playlist and you can too by downloading it below. Sage Francis is currently on tour and you can check out when and where over here. Dan Le Sac and Scroob are about to head out on a UK tour too starting tomorrow! So if you fancy checking them out, you can find dates over on their official site.

Sage Francis - "Three Sheets To The Wind" (Dan Le Sac remix) by Some Kind of Awesome

[Download] Sage Francis - Li(f)e Unplugged (The Baby Stays, Hell Of A Year & The Best Of Times)

While on tour in the UK Sage stopped by Lauren Laverne's show on BBC Radio 1 for an impressive unplugged session. Read more about the session below.

"My first day in London included an in-studio appearance with DJ Lauren Laverne on her BBC Radio show. I decided to perform my songs with 2 acoustic guitarists, Ally Warren. We’ve never performed together so when we arrived at the studio we spent an hour rehearsing some ideas before taking them live to the air. I edited together the 3 songs we performed and you can listen to the audio of this performance below." - Sage Francis

UPDATE: Took down the download stream at the request of Strange Famous Records. We really like those guys and don't want them mad at us. Sorry

Sage Francis unplugged - live on BBC radio 2010 by Strange Famous Records