[Download] The Streets - 'Cyberspace and Reds' Deluxe Edition

On Monday SKoA fave Mike Skinner AKA The Streets threw up his mixtape titled Cyberspace and Reds for the Internet to enjoy. Preliminarily it was for iPhone users who simply had to download the ‘mike scanner’ app for the iPhone from the apple app store. The app then allowed them to scan the 1st part of the puzzle, which was a barcode located on Mike's recent blog post. After a little treasure hunt and the purchasing of some well known brand soup we got the mixtape. Much to the anger of Blackberry and Android fans.

Today their turn has come and in a new blog post Mike has put up the Deluxe Edition for all of his "android, nokia and blueberry haters". They get to head over HERE and listen to the same mixtape but with "At The Back Of The Line" (feat. joey g-zus) too! How can they continue the hate for Mr Skinner when he offers up such great gifts to his fans. Below listen to the mixtape in full minus the bonus track and to hear that just head over here to check it out.