[Download] The Streets - "Close The Book"

With The Streets' last ever album getting its release today in the UK it marks the end of an era for the once young Mike Skinner. Computers and Blues, was streamed in full last week and now all you have to do is head over here to grab a copy. In turn though this week, Mike Skinner has taken over the Guardian's Blog and all week will be in control of it. Pretty cool huh? Up at the top you can check out a monologue of Mike explaining his plans for the week backed by a beat he made for track “Close the Book”, which was oing to be stuck on the end of Cyberspace and Blues since the first song on the first album he recorded as the Streets was called “Turn the Page.” Taking him and his music career full circle.

He, in the end decided against this saying, “I’m realizing that this would be shit, I decided to bin it.” Instead over on The Streets takeover at The Guardian you can grab all the snippets and scraps from Skinners works that he did indeed deem, as he puts it, "Shit". Keep your eyes peeled over at the Guardian and in the meantime check out what could quite possibly be the last ever recorded track from The Streets, "Close The Book".

The Streets - "Close The Book" by Some Kind of Awesome