[Watch] The Streets - "Going Through Hell" Live on Chatty Man

As many of you will know, this week is a sad week for fans of Mike Skinner or as he is better know The Streets, as he has announced his latest album Computers and Blues is his last release as a musician. Yesterday we posted what may or may not be his last ever track titled "Close The Book" which was put up on The Guardian as Skinner has taken it over for the week to post up snippets and scraps leftover from his latest studio album. As well as this though Skinner took to the stage on Alan Carr's Chatty Man show here in the UK. Bringing along Robert Harvey of The Music to sing along his parts. Check it out at the top and let's hope Mike gets bored of sitting around drinking Stella and smoking and not venting his thoughts through music and returns to us with his arms wide open. We can hope, can't we?

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