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[Listen] Stream and Download the First 11 Minutes of Darkside's Newly Announced Album

Chances are you've heard the name Darkside—the collaborative name of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington—in recent months. Hopefully it's 'cause you heard the duo's amazing remixing of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories (take a mandatory detour here if you haven't). Now, once you've thoroughly immersed yourself in their remixes, Jaar and Harrington have more in store; they are back with an album of their own, original creation.

The first 11 minutes of the unnamed album are now online. The duo have offered up a stream—listen below—as well as a free download. Head to Other People to download the 11-minute piece, but hurry up and do it now as it will only be available to non-members of the website after one week.

UPDATE: The song is titled, according to the YouTube video below, "Golden Arrow."

[Listen] Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington Remix the Entirety of Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories'

Daft Punk have said they plan to remix their latest album, Random Access Memories, but Nicolas Jaar and frequent collaborator/friend Dave Harrington—together they go by Darkside—went ahead and did it first.

Titled Random Access Memories Memories, the collaboration sees the friends reimagining the album in a less poppy light, shifting the tone to something more sensual and ambient. Most of the vocals are gone, or spliced and altered. The '70s sheen is less prominent. This is dancier, heavier and more sexual. Assuming the name Daftside, Jaar and Harrington provide the soundtrack to every hot, steamy summer night you may have.

[News] Record Store Day 2013 Reveals Full List of Releases

Record Store Day 2013 is nearly upon us, with less than a month until the vinyl-loving celebration commences. This year's crop already looks fantastic, with rarities, reissues and unreleased material from the likes of The White Stripes, The Flaming Lips, The Black Keys, MGMT, Tame Impala, At the Drive-In, Deftones, Ryan Adams, Dan Deacon, The Hold Steady, Built to Spill, Stephen Malkmus, and more. There's even a little treat for fans of South Park, with a 7" vinyl of "San Diego" / "Gay Fish" making the list. As for the rest of the releases, take a look at a few notable names below or head to the Record Store Day website for the full list.

- The Black Lips/Icky Blossoms
- Bob Dylan
- Brian Eno, Grizzly Bear, and Nicolas Jaar
- Daniel Johnston
- David Bowie
- Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson
- Grizzly Bear
- Jamie xx
- John Coltrane
- The Notorious B.I.G.
- Phoenix
- Portugal. the Man
- Rhye
- The Rolling Stones
- Sigur Rós

Record Store Day 2013 takes place on April 20th.

[Listen] Cat Power - "Cherokee" (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

In June Cat Power posted up a brand new track titled "Cherokee". The result saw the internet go crazy for Chan Marshall's return, and rightly so. Today though she's posted up a new version of the track along with a remix of it from Nicolas Jaar.

Check out both the rework and the new version below and look out for Cat Power's new album, Sun, which drops on the 4th of September via Matador.

[News] Nicolas Jaar Forms Clown & Sunset Aesthetic

American-Chilean musician Nicolas Jaar has formed a brand new, music-oriented company called Clown & Sunset Aesthetic. The first product to come from the company will be an object called The Prism, which, while sounding like a bad sci-fi horror movie from the '80s, is actually quite an interesting concept. The website describes the cube as a means to elevate and alter the shared listening experience in a unique way, being that it contains Jaar's music, as well as the music of other artists, along with two headphone ports, with the one that is not in use emitting a beam of light. It is an ambitious creation, and with a planned shipping date of April, it won't be long until we find out if it works. For now, though, you can watch the teaser video for the product above.

The Prism ships sometime in April, most likely near the end of the month, and is available to pre-order at the cost of $40 via the Clown & Sunset Aesthetic website.

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[Watch] Nicolas Jaar - "Materials" (Official Video)

For being only 22-years-old, American-Chilean musician Nicolas Jaar has taken his music to a highly conceptual and experimental level, a plane that a lot of musicians tend to reach only once they've exhausted what they did best in the first place. Sure, Jaar's music may seem weird or eccentric upon first listening to it, but since when was weird or eccentric ever a bad thing? Not only that, but Jaar has a knack for taking simplistic ideas or concepts and running with it in exciting ways. Sounds that you may have thought would not work do just the opposite in Jaar's world of ambient instrumentation, they just seem to fit beautifully. What is even more impressive is that he put out not only two EPs last year, but a full length LP, titled Space Is Only Noise, on top of that.

Now, Jaar has released a brand new video for his song "Materials," which comes across as a strange move considering the song comes from his 2010 EP Mark & Angels. Nonetheless, the music video fits perfectly into Jaar's bizarre world, with a young version of himself succumbing to a dark and twisted nightmare. You can watch the Pondr-directed video and all it's nightmarish goodness above, courtesy of The Fader.

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