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[Watch & Listen] Matt Mahaffey (of sElf) - Lightning 100 615 Day session

Nashville's independent radio station Lightning 100 recently did a session with sElf lead singer Matt Mahaffey for their 615 Day Session series. In addition to doing some old fan favorites, Mahaffey surprised everyone by showcasing his ability to sing backwards as he did for the "Could You Love Me Now?" video he released back in September of 2010 (wow, it's really been THAT long since that single came out?). For only knowing his recorded music, this session is a pleasant little glimpse of the playfully quirkiness of one of my all time favorite songwriters/producers.

You can also check out him singing the song regularly during that session in the below video.

According to a string of posts on his Facebook page, Matt Mahaffey has been slowly chugging away towards making another sElf album in between doing a handful of solo shows, writing hundreds of songs for the new Disney show "Hugglemonsters", recording Kylie Minogue, and plenty of other projects in his Nashville-based studio Fresh Imperial.

[Listen] sElf - "Looks And Money"

Nashville rocker/producer Matt Mahaffey has just self-released a new single, "Looks and Money" under his longtime band name sElf. After taking a lengthy hiatus in Los Angeles to play on and produce a handful of songs and albums for the likes of Beck, Lupe Fiasco, Hellogoodbye, Forever The Sickest Kids, Matt Kearney, Charlotte Gainsbourg, I Fight Dragons, The Sounds, and many more, Mahaffey has returned to the studio to work on music of his very own. Rumors have been swirling around of a new album since he dropped the track "Could You Love Me Now?" back in September of 2010, but at this point it seems like he's releasing goodies whenever he has a second to stop working on other people's albums. As a longtime fan of sElf, I will continue to patiently wait for more music as this has temporarily satisfied my hunger.

sElf - "Looks And Money" by Some Kind of Awesome

Make sure you grab "Looks and Money" over on iTunes. Also, for a good time you can hear the song featured in 24 actress Mary Lyn Rajskub's new YouTube comedy series Dicki in the "Making Friends" episode.

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[Watch] Self - "Could You Love Me Now?"

It is GORGEOUS in Brooklyn today! I've got the windows open and playing tunes that make the already bright day even brighter. One band in particular being Self.

I've touched on Matt Mahaffey/Self before with his AC/DC "Back In Black" cover. Apparently now they're making a proper comeback complete with a single and a video (see above) called "Could You Love Me Now?"

According to an interview with Mothpod, the song is for his wife. When he met her, she lived on a second floor apartment and he's pretending to serenade her. (Awwww.)

The lip syncing is admittedly not the best in the world but the video itself compliments an already very sweet song.

Have a look/listen and then GO OUTSIDE AND ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!

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[Watch] Matt Mahaffey/sElf - "Back In Black (AC/DC Cover)"

Just because it's Monday doesn't mean the first few hours of it have to suck! This video is an oldie but a goodie so I like to share it when the opportunity presents itself. Matt Mahaffey, backup guitarist for Beck on occasion and frontman for the band sElf (circa 90s etc) is probably one of the most talented and underrated artists to date. He's produced and written a TON of stuff that somehow still manages to keep him under the wire. If this video doesn't showcase in the 2:46 that it runs just how incredibly talented he is, well... guess you'll have to scour eBay to check out his Self records for yourself. Dude is rockin drums and an omnichord and pulls this cover off stunningly well (minus the part where he forgets the words, haha).