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[SONG OF THE DAY] Young & Sick - "No Good"
photo credit: Galen Oakes

photo credit: Galen Oakes

Just this morning I was bopping “Jet Black Heart” this morning and thought to myself, “ugh yo Young & Sick is so good. When is that EP coming out again?”

Totally forgot it dropped on Friday. No worries tho. Crisis averted and all of that. It’s A Storm has been ingested into my chest cavity and HOOOO BOY THERE ARE A LOT OF FEELS GOING ON WITH THIS RECORD.

Life, you see, it’s not a breeze. It’s a storm.

If you wanna shimmy your way through your complicated feels about life, this is the absolute perfect soundtrack for that.

Word on the street is that the LA producer allegedly has more in the works so I promise to be more diligent in checking in on his whereabouts.

[SONG OF THE DAY] NVDES - "Stupid Dope"

After dropping their debut LP Vibe City Utah late last year LA’s NVDES are back and have dropped what will soon be the anthem for sativa smokers everywhere on Saturday, April 20th, 2019 and every 4/20 thereafter. This shit is high energy and the perfect length for someone whose regularly adequate attention span is….suddenly impaired.

Best know if you follow my personal Instagram that I will be doing stoned lip sync videos to this on Saturday. Happy to compete to see if anyone can outdo me as I will be leveraging as many of the wild ass indie IG filters that I’ve acquired over the past few months as I can. 🥴

[SONG OF THE DAY] Wrabel - "love to love u"
photo credit: Yazz Alali

photo credit: Yazz Alali

Holy wow wow wow wow wow y’all bae-bel made a BOP!

The evolution of Wrabel since stumbling into his Sideways EP in 2014 has been one of my absolute favorite things to witness to date. These days though it feels like the more he’s taken ownership of who he is as both a human person and an artist that he’s able to fully realize and harness his musical superpowers. As he told the folks at Idolator in a recent interview, “I’m just taking really deep breaths, and doing whatever I want.” As it turns out, since last we checked in on the lil cutie crooner he parted ways with Epic, started his own label, Big Gay Records (!!! yes bb!! 😍), and just released his first track on his own, a bop that absolutely won’t stop, “love to love u”.

Favorite quote from the interview where he talks about the song:

“[…]I think I started opening my mind to the thought that, ‘Ok, maybe you don’t have to sit at the piano and write a sad song.’”

Bruh 😂😂😂

Growth looks so good on my dude. I’m so happy he’s happy.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Miss Eaves - "Exposure Kills"

Just in time for the sun to start coming out and ridding folks of their seasonal affective disorder Brooklyn badass Miss Eaves dropped her latest EP, appropriately titled SAD, which actually stems from her personal struggles with the disorder. Worry not, the internet, for in true fashion for the multimedia artist and rapper, she’s packaged up her experience with her signature witty lyrics and playfully catchy beats.

I can’t get over how perfect this EP is. Like really, I have mad kindred spirit vibes with Miss Eaves on this from start to finish. Opening track, “Exposure Kills” is the ultimate anthem for freelancers everywhere and is essentially the dancetastic way of saying “fuck you, pay me”. While I don’t consider myself to be an introvert by any means, I was definitely the embodiment of “Homebody” on more occasions this winter than I’d like to admit. Then there’s “Left Swipe Left”, which I will be spamming to every one of my girlfriends who are as fried on dating apps as I am.

Today marks the kickoff of her month+ long tour along the east coast before hopping over for some dates in Europe. Def go out to catch her live and grab a Thunder Thighs pin or 20.


April 10 Philadelphia, PA at Bob & Barbara’s
April 11 Pittsburgh, PA at Mr. Roboto Project
April 12 Guelph, ONT at Kazoo Fest
April 13 Chicago, IL at Caliwaukee
April 14 Madison, WI at North Street Cabaret
April 16 Forth Wayne, IN at The Brass Rail
May 3 Portland, ME at Space
May 4 Winooski, VT at Walking Windows
May 5 Boston, MA at Once Lounge
May 9 Manchester,UK at Soup Kitchen
May 11 London,UK at Hope & Anchor
May 16 Wrexham, WAL at Focus Wales
May 22 Dresden, DE at TBA
May 23 Berlin, DE at Badehaus
May 24 Munich, DE at Orangehouse (Feierwerk)
May 26 Frankfurt, DE at Kunstverein Familie Montez
May 29 Amsterdam, NL at Vrankrijk

[SONG OF THE DAY] Miro Shot - "Boston Dynamic"

Last week global digital utopian artist collective Miro Shot released “Boston Dynamic”, the followup to their debut single, “Leaders In A Long Lost World”. As lead singer Roman Rappak explained, “‘Boston Dynamic’ is a song about online communities, gaming culture and being committed to a cause. It’s about all the good and bad things that come with being part of something.” The song features the 65-piece Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra to perform on the track, arranged by BAFTA winning composer Alexander Parsons, because of course it does. This project continues to be like, “Oh Kibbe you thought THAT was cool? Hold my robot’s beer.”

The accompanying music video for the song is another showcase of the eclectic collaborative efforts of the collective, this time around featuring contributions from NASA and the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies Dynamic Systems Lab alongside emerging filmmakers from Buenos Aires, Brooklyn-based graphic designers and technologists from Wales, as well as established artists including Beeple (who has worked with the likes of Flying Lotus and the NFL) and illustrator/artist Oliver Harud. There are little tidbits peppered throughout the blend of mixed media where the themes of the song are further driven home. The CGI interface imagined in certain snippets displays a variety of information, from shoe size and browser history to “there are 4 racists on this floor” or “everyone on this floor has heard domestic abuse and done nothing”, calling out the lack of cohesion and opportunities to improve humanity with groundbreaking technologies.

Don’t forget you can be part of the collective by signing up over on their website.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Mtbrd - "Wanna Be Your Lover"
wanna be your lover.jpg

Today in The Algorithm™ Moves In Mysterious Ways: a couple of years back I stumbled into Cheshire, UK future funk producer Mtbrd and upon hearing the track, “Give You” was quickly enamored with their 2013 album BΞΛTΛPΞ. From the looks of things across their internets we have a diamond in the rough slowly transitioning from casually releasing music exclusively on Bandcamp and Soundcloud to making a valiant leap into taking their craft more seriously.

And they should.

With the move to properly release “Wanna Be Your Lover”, a track that’s been lingering on Soundcloud for a couple of years now to streaming services, I finally broke down and slid my way into their DMs and I am happy to confirm that this is a signifier of more music to come from them in 2019. There is a new full length album coming (details TBA) but this throwback track won’t be included on said album.

Don’t fret, I intend to coax more info about this elusive groove machine in the coming months to share though. 😎

[LISTEN] I Know Leopard - 'Love Is A Landmine' (Full Album Stream)
photo credit: Lisa Businovski

photo credit: Lisa Businovski

With just a few days until Sydney quartet I Know Leopard release their debut full length album, Love Is A Landmine the folks over at that blog aggregator who refuses to acknowledge the website you are reading’s existence for 9 years and counting have graciously premiered a full album stream to hold you over until Friday.

Y’all, this record. *chef’s kiss* It’s just so damn lovely. Literally. As previously mentioned lead vocalist Luke O’Loughlin has discussed how the album is about the different aspects of love. "I’d be lying if I said it wasn't an album full of love songs,” he explained, “But not always in the classic romantic sense. It reflects on experiences where attempts at love are met with confusion, pain and alienation. The record also explores the importance of learning to love yourself before you can successfully love someone else."

Without a doubt I can confidently say that Love Is A Landmine is the glimmering slice of lovestruck indie pop perfection that your ears very desperately need to have in their life immediately.

FYI there’s still time to pre-order the album over on their website. I will most likely be treating myself to an early birthday present with the tote + LP bundle should you want to follow my lead.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Saro - "Nothing Remains"
Saro 2019

I think the thing I love most about Los Angeles singer Saro is the way that he can articulate the deeply seated pain he's clearly felt into such breathtaking ways. With his approach to this latest track, “Nothing Remains”, he faces the debilitating anguish of heartbreak head on, showcasing the varying levels of intensity that one can feel individually or simultaneously. The chorus alone is its own moment of emotional purging, depending how deep your wounds are. If you’re not careful this song will crack your chest cavity wide open, find any lingering heartache, and REALLY make you feel that shit. I guess to an extent that’s not the worst thing because “what you reveal you heal” and all of that. Still tho. OOOF. As with most of Saro’s songs if you’re not adequately prepared you will receive a swift kick to the feels basically immediately.

Speaking on the track, Saro shared via Instagram, “‘Nothing Remains’ is an embracement of pure heartbreak—the unfathomable feeling of hopelessness, loneliness, and regret you didn’t know existed until it took you over; the inability to eat or sleep for days because the loss stole bodily function from you; the recurring thought that if only i had the right words to say, maybe things would be different.”

He also shared a fun fact about the artwork for the single that gives a very thoughtful nod to the notion that the song is able to act a bit like a cleansing by fire: the charred tree that he’s hanging from is one that barely survived the fires in Malibu last year.